Learn English From Movie – Wonder Woman

Learn English From Movie - Wonder Woman.

戴安娜(盖尔·加朵 饰)是女王希波吕忒的女儿,自幼生活在天堂岛上。巨大的屏障将这座岛屿同外界的纷纷扰扰隔开,犹如一个世外桃源,而岛上生活着的亦都是女性。在女武官安提奥普的教导之下,戴安娜习得了高强的武艺,而她的体内,似乎隐藏着某种强大的未知力量。

一场意外中,一位名为史蒂夫(克里斯·派恩 饰)的男子来到了岛上,从他口中,戴安娜得知外面的世界正在经历战争的磨难,而造成这一切的罪魁祸首,是战神阿瑞斯。为了拯救人类于水火之中,戴安娜毅然拿起了长剑与盾牌,发誓要彻底摧毁阿瑞斯的阴谋。


1. It is only a matter of time before he returns. 他迟早会回来的。

2. Never let your guard down. 永远不要放松警惕。

3. We caught a ride, we make some good time. 我们搭了个便船,速度快了不少。

4. Gentlemen, eyes to yourself. 先生们,管好你们的眼睛。

5. Although I am not opposed to engaging in a bitter fist stickup should the occasion arise. 尽管我并不反对在必要时用拳头痛击对方。

6. You do not just barge in here. 你不能就这么闯进来。

7. You didn’t stand your ground. 你没有坚守你的立场。

8. He can talk the skin off a cabbage as many ways as you can. 他有三寸不烂之舌,而且像你一样掌握多种语言。

9. You’re under no circumstances to go anywhere near that gala tomorrow night. 明天晚上你们决不能大闹宴会现场。

10. I gotta rustle up with a German uniform. I took to plough the course tomorrow. 我得搞到一套德军制服。我还要制定明天的计划。


Diana: The animals, why are they hurting them?

Charlie: Because they need to move quick! Like us!

Diana: But this is not the way. I could help them.

Charlie: There is no time. Come on, woman!

Boy: Mama!

Diana: That man… he’s wounded.

Sameer: There is nothing you can do about it, Diana. We must keep moving.

Diana: What is this?

Steve: You wanted me to take you to war. This is it.

Diana: Then where are the Germans?

Charlie: Couple of 100 yards across the field. The trench is…

Steve: Watch out!

Soldier: Chief! Oh it’s good to see you. Oi, chief’s back! He’s back!

Steve: Alright, let’s move.

Woman: Help me please. They took everything…houses, food… and those who could not escape… they were taken away as slaves.

Diana: Where was that?

Woman: In Veld… On the other side of No Man’s Land.

Steve: Diana, we have to go.

Diana: We need to help these people.

Steve: We have to stay on mission!

Chief Napi: Next safe crossing is at least a day away.

Charlie: What are we waiting for?

Diana: We cannot leave without helping them. These people are dying. Nothing to eat and in the village…enslaved it there!

Steve: I understand that.

Diana: Women and children!

Steve: We need to make our next position by sunset.

Diana: How can you say that? What is the matter with you?

Steve: This is No Man’s Land! Diana! Means no man can cross it, alright? This battalion has been here for nearly a year and they barely gained an inch. Alright? Because on the other side, there are a bunch of Germans pointing machine guns at every square inch of this place. This is not something you can cross. This is not possible.

Diana: So what? So we do nothing?

Steve: No, we are doing something. We are, we just…

Sameer: Steve.

Steve: We can’t save everyone in this war.

Sameer: Steve…

Steve: This is not what we came here to do.

Diana: No, but it’s what I’m going to do.

Steve: Diana!

Charlie: What the bloody hell she’s playing at?

German officer: Engage, fire!

Steve: She’s taking all the fire! Let’s go!

British officer: Sniper! Stand down! Stay down! That’s an order! Come on! She’s done it! Let’s go!


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