Learn English – Death From Overwork

learn english - death from overwork

近年来,都市白领人群“过劳死(death from overwork)”事件频发,很多年轻的生命在花样的年华就画上句号,我们在遗憾惋惜的同时,也应该更加关注自己的健康之本。

the untimely death of a young office worker in Beijing has put the spotlight on the health risks associated with the lifestyles of white-collar workers。


fang yan, 23, an employee of data mobile in Beijing, died after an acute stomach ulcer haemorrhaged on December 16. from several micro blog posts, the link between her degrading health and long working hours is hard to ignore。


“washing my hair before going to bed gives me a migraine. eating after 9 o’clock at night makes my stomach bleed. I am only 23, but I’m plagued by all sorts of physical defects already,” wrote Fang 48 hours before her death。


her tragic death has fueled the debate about stressful lifestyles. though China’s economy and living standards have improved significantly over the last decade, premature deaths resulting from unhealthy lifestyles are also on the rise。


according to coming check up group, up to 76 percent of the white collar workers suffer from “sub-health”. nearly 60 percent were found to be stressed, while less than 3 percent have a perfect bill of health。

据慈铭体检集团调查称, 高达76%的白领人群正处于亚健康状态。调查还发现,有近60%的白领压力过大,只有不到3%的人体检指标各项完好。

the number of female white-collar workers who die as a result of cardiovascular disease is now twice the number of those who die of cancer。


the report is based on the health checkup results of 3 million white-collar workers in more than 10 major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou。


it suggests that, due to an increasing lack of exercise, diseases such as diabetes are becoming more prevalent among a younger age group。


health experts believe that university students and white-collar workers are particularly susceptible to risky lifestyles and few realize how permanent damage can be。


jiang zhuoqin, the dean of the department of nutrition in the school of public health at sun yat-sen University says: “some young people suffer poor diet, often neglect exercise and stay out late at night. others become addicted to drinking and cigarettes。”


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