learn chinese in hong kong –Chinese New Year customs

Mandarin Lesson

Eat cake, eat cake tastes vary. Beijingers like to eat glutinous rice or yellow rice cake made of red dates, mince rice cakes and white rice cakes. Hebei, others prefer to add jujube cake, small red beans and mung beans and other people steamed. Northern Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places in the New Year, used to eating yellow rice fried rice cakes, and some still wrapped in red bean paste, such as stuffing Zaoni, Shandong, others with yellow rice, red dates steamed rice cakes. North cakes with sweet-based, or steam, or deep-fried, it was also just stick candy. South cake is both savory and sweet, such as Suzhou and Ningbo, the cake, to rice production, light taste. In addition to steaming, deep-fried, it also can be sliced fried or soup. Sweet glutinous rice flour cakes with added sugar, lard, rose, osmanthus, mint, Su-rong and other ingredients, fine craftsmanship, can be directly coated with egg white fried or steamed food.

Chinese New Year is called the night before the real reunion night of wandering away from home must be far behind thousands of miles to drive home the whole family sitting together dumplings to the New Year.