Learn Chinese Idioms – Without loophole

Learn Chinese Idioms - Without loophole

Without loophole


Long ago, there lived a man named Guo Han.

从前, 有一个叫郭翰的人。

It was a hot summer. He couldn‘t fall asleep in his bedroom, so he went into the yard to sleep.

因为夏天天热,在屋子里无法入睡, 就到院子里去睡觉。

Not long after he lay down he saw a woman dressed in white floating down from the sky.

躺下不久,正看着天空, 忽然看见一个白衣女子从空中慢慢飘流下来。

She said to him: “I am the celestial weaver.”


Looking at her Guo Han noticed that there were no seams in her garments.


He thought this was very strange.


He asked her: “Why are there no seams in your clothes?”


She answered: “The garments of the immortals are not made with a needle and thread. How would they have seams?”

女子回答:“天上神仙的衣服,不是用针线缝出来的, 怎么会有缝呢?”

“天衣无缝”的意思现在大多引申为“事物周密完善,找不出什么毛病”,也就是“没有漏洞的”意思,在英语中相对应的准确表达可以用“without loophole”,“loophole”就是“漏洞,法律空子”的意思,所以“without loophole”也就是“没有漏洞的”,“天衣无缝”的意思啦。