Language Learning Tips: 8 Habits to Help you Learn English in Hong Kong

Language Learning Tips 8 Habits to Help you Learn English in Hong Kong

Language Learning Tips: 8 Habits to Help you Learn English in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the best places to learn languages, why? Because in here, you can learn Mandarin, Cantonese and English at the same time, since those three languages are the most commonly used languages that you can hear everyday, in broadcasting, in subway and in all shops. These three languages are widely used here in Hong Kong. Today I am going to tell you why you need to have these 8 habits which can help you a lot in Learning English in Hong Kong.

1. Don’t overeat for dinner

Many classmates eat lunch in the school cafeteria, and it is inevitable that they will not eat well. Some parents want to give their children a “big supplement” in the evening. But eating a hearty dinner is not good either. After a long time, it will not only lead to weight gain, but also make it easier to get sleepy when studying at night, the efficiency is very poor, and it is not good for the stomach. It is better to try to eat simpler at night, eat more vegetables, and reduce the burden on the stomach.

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2. Try to start learning right away

To be successful learning English, you must be disciplined, sometimes my emotions are disturbed, and I often feel that I have no ideas and don’t know where to start. In fact, you will find that when you force yourself to start learning, you will soon enter the state. Of course, if you are in a particularly bad or extreme state, and your mood has been unable to calm down, then you should go to sleep. At this time, you will not be able to learn even if you are studying.

3. Don’t surf the Internet before studying

Before studying, give yourself a rule to complete your plans and goals for the evening before surfing the Internet, watching a movie, or playing a game. If you encounter a special situation, you have to go online and set a time for yourself. When the time is up, you must disconnect and start studying.

When using a computer to study, do not open chat APPs to minimize network interference. It is also best to turn off or change the phone to silent, and put it in a place where it will not be disturbed. Clear your desk and put away anything that interferes with you.

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4. Improve learning stimulation

Many times, we look at a bunch of deadlines, and then get anxious and nervously play with our mobile phones. We are not really obsessed with mobile phones, but we just don’t want to study, work, and do business; Pick up your phone and swipe.

Sometimes it’s not the phone’s fault, adults keep scolding Internet addiction, but they just don’t want to admit their failures in education.

In fact, this has been the case since ancient times, but I used to talk about playing with things and losing my mind. Later, I cracked down on puppy love, and now I am throwing the blame on Internet addiction.

5. Take a break after studying for about 40 minutes.

Studying for too long will cause fatigue. If you study for about 40 minutes, you can rest for a few minutes, but it is best not to surf the Internet or chat with friends. Be sure to control the time and use an alarm clock to set the time.

When you are really tired, stop learning for a while.

After learning for a long time, you can stand up and walk around. Or go for a drink, look outside, wash your face with cool water, take a deep breath, rub your face and ears with your hands, take a shower, and listen to some strong rhythm music too.

6. Join a study group

Whether you have a study group in the class itself, or a group of friends ready to form a study group, take advantage of this opportunity. The atmosphere where 4 or 5 people study together can make you more motivated to study, and also allow you to understand other people’s views and understanding of the course. Why not do it together while testing each other and improving together? However, you must also join a study group that is efficient and focused on learning, not the kind of “eat, drink and play” group.

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7. Use the correct resources

To use resources reasonably, the available resources include teachers, materials, classmates and so on. In reality, the problems you encounter may not be difficult problems for others, but many people feel that everything depends on themselves and need help from others but are embarrassed to express them due to their personality. Including many students in my class, the same is true, and some students have never asked questions individually. If one day you stop and think about why you have lost so many opportunities, it is easy to think of how good resources you have faced but have not used well.

8. Do exercises a lot

Do the exercises for yourself. If your teacher or professor offers you practice tests, or practice questions are available after your textbook, take the time to do them, which will put you in a test state. It’s also a good way to come up with your own questions in a study group.

Learn in a variety of ways. Using a variety of methods to learn can give you a deeper understanding of the course content, make your learning habits more diverse, and make the learning process more interesting.

In Conclusion:

Learning English is important, and you need the right technique, but also you must know when to take breaks. If you find that you have been studying for so long that the pages of the book are blurred, or you are always interrupted, and you can’t read a word, it’s time to take a break. If your eyelids are heavy as soon as you turn the book and you want to sleep, go to sleep. When the efficiency is low to a certain level, don’t waste your energy, do some relaxation and let yourself recover.

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