How to successfully work with those who Are Smarter Than You 如何高效地与比你聪明的人合作

How to successfully work with those who Are Smarter Than You 如何高效地与比你聪明的人合作

How to successfully work with those who Are Smarter Than You

It is entrepreneurship gospel—lease those who are smarter than you. There’s no thriller to this wisdom. Smart, professional employees require much less control, constantly teach you new matters, and shore up your weaknesses. However even as the purpose behind this oft-repeated tip is straightforward, executing it isn’t.


The hassle is people have egos and insecurities, and being surrounded via people who are smarter than you can make you feel awful. Few might freely admit it, of path, however this is often the reason human beings fail to heed this apparent advice. Even the most assured amongst us can see their self assurance erode whilst they may be surrounded by means of geniuses.


Know Your Strengths

If you’ve been employed (or gotten to be the owner of a business), you need to have some thing to provide the crew. Attention at the strengths you own, in preference to the skills or understanding you lack.


Be the King or Queen of Questions
When surrounded with the aid of clever human beings, your first impulse may be to cover your ignorance, but it’s the wrong way to go, in step with Doug Edwards, Google’s first director of advertising and logo management, who joined the company in 1999. If you don’t ask questions, you’ll in no way examine. Communication is prime.

当周围全是聪明人时,你的本能冲动可能是掩盖自己的无知,但是这种方式是错误的,谷歌的第一位市场营销和品牌管理主任Doug Edwards这样认为。他是1999加入谷歌的。如果你不问问题,那你就无法学会。交流是关键。

Recall What you may manipulate

Certain, you were dealt anything genetic hand you have got in relation to innate intellectual horsepower (though smarts can be extra malleable than many of us believe), but there is nevertheless one large element a hundred% under your own control. As Gwynne Shotwell reminded the audience these days from the women 2.Zero conference level: “You can’t manipulate whether or not you’re the smartest character inside the room, however you may without a doubt manage whether you are the maximum prepared.”
你的智力是由基因决定的(尽管聪明人可能更有可塑性),但是仍有一个很大的因素百分之百是由你自己控制的。就像Gwynne Shotwell 最近在妇女2.0大会上提醒观众的那样:“你无法控制自己是不是房间中最聪明的人,但是你却可以控制自己是不是里面准备最充分的人。”

“You can’t get smarter. However you could always paintings more difficult than someone else,” has the same opinion Farhan Thawar, vp Engineering at XtremeLabs, on Quora, “so the adjustment is to paintings extraordinarily tough at your craft till you sense such as you fit in.” Christina Bonnington, a creator for wired, also sees eye to eye: “Pedigree doesn’t imply something. Work ethic is the whole thing.”
“你无法变得更加聪明。但是你总能比其他人更加努力,” XtremeLabs 的副总裁Farhan Thawar在Quora上写道,“所以调整方式就是努力工作直到你感觉自己融入了进去。”《连线》的作家Christina Bonnington也持同一意见:“血统并不意味着什么。职业道德就是一切。”

Study and educate your self
This one can be easy, but it turned into one of the maximum commonplace bits of advice. Charles Martin, as an example, recollects that “a few yr in the past, I had a threat to paintings as a quant in a very big and a hit hedge fund, and with former professors from MIT. The first aspect I did turned into examine the thesis of the dealing with director, so I may want to get ‘into his head’ and learn the way he thinks. This made it a great deal less difficult to paintings with him as a colleague.” representative Mark Simchock boils it down to “study loads.”

这一条可能很简单,但它也是最常见的建议。例如,Charles Martin回想起“几年前,我有一个机会在一家非常大、非常成功的对冲基金公司工作,还是和几个以前是MIT教授的人员工作。我做的第一件事就是读总经理的论文,这样我就可以知道他是怎么思考的。这样把他作为同事一起工作就容易多了。”Mark Simchock把它浓缩为“多读。”
Also, goal for range in what you select up. You likely aren’t going to out-expert the specialists, but you may make contributions that key piece of out-of-left-area knowledge. “I attempted to take in all the records I ought to from out of doors so that every now and then I ought to make a contribution a angle that turned into specific, without being completely idiotic,” reviews Edwards.

Don’t Compete
The greater you are competing the much less you are mastering and conducting. “do not start competing. The day you may be given the truth that there will always exist smarter human beings, mastering turns into a whole lot less complicated,” advises Rajay Chamria. “don’t compete, ponder,” has the same opinion Saraswati Chandra.
你参与的竞争越多,你学到的和完成的内容越少。“不要开始竞争。总有一天,你会接受总有更聪明的人这个事实。等到那一天来临,你学习起来就简单多了,”Rajay Chamria建议到。“不要竞争,要沉思,”Saraswati Chandra赞同道。

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