How to pronounce Mandarin accurately

 How to pronounce Mandarin accurately

Although the country has been popularizing Mandarin, but actually it is difficult to speak Putonghua very well and accurately, with the development of China’s economy, learning  the language has become a required course, how to pronounce Mandarin has became an important topic. learning Mandarin pronunciation is a system of Process, it will be better if you can find a professional training school to learn the Mandarin pronunciation. Below I summarized some skills that may help you to understand more about the pronunciation skills.

First, learn and don’t forget to learn Chinese Mandarin pronunciation, good if you do not have to learn Hanyu Pinyin, Solid basis, after that you learn Mandarin pronunciation difficult standard. You know, Mandarin pronunciation
Is intimately and Hanyu Pinyin, you must grasp the pronunciation of consonant vowel differences, learn to spell Tone and then to learn Mandarin Chinese, don’t think about overnight.

Secondly, you have to understand the tone of Mandarin pronunciation, what is meant by tone? so-called pitch which is used to difference between treble syllable units. Traditionally, pitch can be divided into two aspects, one is the tone type a is the tone. Refers to a lot of bass there are so-called specific changes, but also the actual pronunciation, the actual read law while the values are theoretically sound, more treble, treble to decide. Like wePronounced when a word such as 3, no matter how you read, send tones are the same but their phonetic value does be different, phonetic value is a reflection of people’s emotional tone, under normal circumstances, completely different, and also reflects a emotional changes.

Third, after you understand basic knowledge of pronunciation, you’d better be able to apply in real life than For example, communicate with Mandarin pronunciation, Mandarin and talk to them, don’t be afraid to say bad, if you
Are afraid to say, then in Mandarin, how will you progress. You to insist that insist on reading, every day Within a few hours of practice for Mandarin. Ask a friend to guide you through the pronunciation, and pronounce it right every time, Correct, so stick to, no more than a month your Mandarin basic without any problems.

Finally, you can read poetry, listen to the CD in Chinese. Especially poetry, prose, poetry, slowly through the Through gradual practice. You can also see more Mainland TV series, learn the correct pronunciation. To find the way to learn One language the best way is to forget about the other languages, do not use dialect pronunciation to practice again. In
When I talk, to find the way, you can ask the teacher when necessary, your classmates, and if the teacher can give you the A targeted set of professional practice is good enough.