How to Express Yourself Confidently in Mandarin Chinese – 6 Tips

How to Express Yourself Confidently in Mandarin Chinese - 6 Tips

How to Express Yourself Confidently in Mandarin Chinese – 6 Tips

When you learn Mandarin, will others not understand your meaning because you cannot express it clearly? Different from English, the grammar and vocabulary of Mandarin requires repeated practice, and you must learn to speak with Chinese thinking. We all know that speaking is not only a tool of life, but more importantly, an art. Good language skills can make things more effective, and if the strap is unclear, please bring a lot of suffering and confusion to others and yourself. Here are some ways to improve your language skills for your reference.

1. Practice to be more logical

When you speak a language, you must have clear logical thinking, and teachers emphasize this ability when you take Mandarin classes. Logic is an abstract summary of specific affairs. Often people’s expression logic is related to their educational level. Therefore, when your educational level factor is fixed, you need to learn relatively advanced knowledge to improve. For example, read some highly critical books to train your thinking.

There are many ways to improve logical thinking ability. We recommend students to write diaries or articles. When writing, they need to outline an outline, so that over time, we can write highly logical content and then apply it to our daily speech. go in.

2. Accumulate language and vocabulary

Accumulation of exquisite language can cultivate our language perception ability, but only accumulation, without imitation, we cannot dexterously apply these accumulated language to daily composition. The so-called imitation is to change or add some words and sentences to express different meanings under the condition that the language structure and word count of the original text remain basically unchanged.

The same is true for learning any language, including Mandarin or Cantonese. You can’t be afraid to imitate. Of course, we don’t advocate copying, but imitating and adding some of your own language vocabulary is totally fine. These beautiful sentences and vocabulary are good for you. Mandarin helps a lot.

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3. Find exercise opportunities

There is no shortcut to learning a language. You must give yourself more opportunities to exercise. If you exercise more and become familiar with the environment, you will naturally overcome your fears, and you will gradually develop “normal” thinking and habits. There will be some speech occasions in school, and this time is a good opportunity to exercise yourself, and you must actively strive for it. Speaking in front of everyone is also very helpful for improving language skills.

How do you let others know you understand? You can use words like “exactly” or “you couldn’t have said it more clearly” to let the speaker know that you absolutely understand what the other person means.

Once the speaker knows that you really understand what they mean, you can give the other person some advice or challenge what they say or point of view. But not before people have finished speaking.

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4. Participate in Mandarin training

Mandarin training is a shortcut to quickly improve our language expression ability. During the process, Mandarin tutors will conduct targeted training according to our own problems to help us quickly improve our language expression ability. Participating in training is a good way, but it needs to pay the price of money, you can choose according to your discretion.

Doing Mandarin training can make yourself more competitive. The future workplace will be a workplace full of competition. With the innovation of talent mechanism, a large number of new talents join the competition team every year, making you face the danger of being eliminated every moment. In the face of competition, to avoid the fate of being eliminated, there is only continuous learning, and training is the best and fastest way to learn.

5. Write more

Learning to write Chinese is one of the shortcuts to learning Chinese. We can express our inner thoughts and feelings in a different way, that is, to record what we think and feel by writing, and then revise and temper it continuously after writing it down. Help us improve our language skills.

Writing is one of the very few options to “re-sell the same period of time many, many times”, and it’s also one of the easiest steps for a normal person to start with.

Continuous writing is probably the most direct and cheapest way to exercise learning ability, exercise thinking ability, exercise analytical ability, exercise communication ability and language ability.

6. listen to yourself

Another great way for us to improve our Mandarin is to listen to ourselves. It might sound a little weird, but nothing teaches you how to speak more clearly than listening to yourself.

The specific method is to use a tape recorder to record the situation when you speak Mandarin, and then listen to it repeatedly. You can hear yourself having problems speaking Mandarin, pronunciation problems, grammar problems, and all kinds of other problems.

Record yourself in natural conversation; for example, replay a conference call or have a friend interview you on the recording. Listen for technical issues such as filler words, upward talk, monotonous and continuous sentences, and any habits that sound awkward or uncomfortable. Identifying the problem is the first step in solving it.

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