How To Be a Good English Teacher 怎样成为一个受欢迎的英语老师

How To Be a Good English Teacher 怎样成为一个受欢迎的英语老师

First, educating students, starting from love. Equal love, love of understanding, love of respect, love of trust, these are the love of the teacher. Whether in life or in study, students must be given necessary care and help. As long as the problem is dealt with in a timely manner, handled properly, and pay attention to communication with students no matter children or adults.

Students will trust you and like you. Loving students is also manifested in the teacher’s respect and trust for students, as well as the strict requirements for students, but also pay attention to the individual differences of students and treat them differently. For students with poor grades, our teachers should adopt different educational methods and teach students in accordance with their aptitude. The teacher’s love must be comprehensive and fair.

Second, how to make our English classroom appear real, natural, heavy and full of human touch. As an English teacher, we should pay more attention to those teachers who can only be understood, cannot be explained, and are only immersive in the English classroom.

What can only be shared with children is to pay attention to the positive emotional experience that comes with the exploration and communication carried out by teachers and students. We must not only impart knowledge, but also be good at constantly awakening children’s learning enthusiasm with our own wisdom, enlightening children’s learning methods, enriching children’s learning experience, and opening up children’s learning wisdom. Let us take action, be a good chef with a heart, and make every English lesson become an “English feast” for children “both delicious and nutritious”!

Third, I also realized that a good English class is based on new ideas, clever design, winning in practice, and success in follow-up. A good English class needs to pay attention to two things:

One is: pay attention to students, proceed from the actual situation of the students, pay attention to the emotional needs and cognitive needs of the students, and pay attention to the students’ existing knowledge base and life experience.

The second is: focus on English: grasp the essence of English to teach, pay attention to the penetration of English thinking methods, so that students have the opportunity to experience the learning process of English in the process of observation, operation, reasoning, and verification, so that students can truly experience the joy of learning, Love learning English.

I realized that a good English class should not have a “show” complex, advocate a “concise and profound, fresh and heavy” teaching style, show the strength of thinking, pay attention to the English method, reflect the soul of the English class, and make the English class “English flavor” comes out! The teacher’s “pretending to be confused and leaving space” is also a kind of English wisdom and method.