How Should Foreigners Learn Chinese in Hong Kong

How should Foreigners learn Chinese in Hong Kong

Hong Kong as an international metropolis, not only has the world’s best technology and equipment, and also has a world class education, and thus attracted a large number of foreigners come to study or find a job in Hong Kong.

The biggest problem for foreigners studying in Hong Kong is the issue of language. Despite the generally high level of English of Hong Kong people, dialogue is no problem with foreigners, but the language is used by Hong Kong Cantonese, so alien to really take root in Hong Kong, it is necessary to learn Chinese. Someone once said that the Chinese are the world’s most difficult language to learn, foreigners learn Chinese need to pay attention to many things, is there any great learning solution?

First of all, foreigners learn Chinese need a good teacher. Here does not mean that you have to go to a foreign language teacher. The saying goes, Threesome, there must be one teacher. Here is also available.

Environment is very important for foreigners to learn Chinese. If you are studying in the University of Hong Kong, foreigners, it will be much easier to learn Chinese. In all Chinese-speaking environment, you just say, learn, practice, do not be afraid, do not be shy, you can make your Chinese improved greatly. Best way is to your Hong Kong students to enable them to correct your pronunciation, so you can fluently pronounce.

Secondly, not blindly in everything, make a plan. Similarly, foreigners learning Chinese needed a system of teaching mode and teaching method. The University of Hong Kong for foreigners who come to Hong Kong to learn, have set up Chinese-medium classes where they will use the scientific approach to teaching, not blind education. In the mode of teaching, not just rely on teachers to teaching, more important is to let the students themselves conscious in an atmosphere of learning, allow interest to be your best teacher in learning Chinese.

Third, you learned the basics of pronunciation and everyday communication and exchanges, foreigners will also be the traditional Chinese history at the language learning centre in Hong Kong, the popularity of Chinese history, and let foreigners know more about Chinese, deepening his enthusiasm in learning Chinese. Teaching in Hong Kong won’t notice, not as the only performance measure pointer. They are more interested in your ability and practical experience accumulated. Thus, they teach Chinese, they will focus more on community activities, student interaction process to help you become more familiar with the Chinese language. They will let foreigners can actually speak Chinese, and not just to do well in this section.

From the above three points, for foreigners who want to study in Hong Kong, do not need to have language concerns, foreigners learn Chinese in Hong Kong, is not a big deal.