How Do People Children and Adults Celebrate Halloween

How Do People Children and Adults Celebrate Halloween

In the uk , Halloween traditions are very fashionable , especially among kids and teenagers. We checked out a number of the foremost common activities.

Pumpkin lanterns南瓜灯
These are pumpkins with the within removed and eyes, a mouth and a nose dig one side. A candle is placed inside the empty pumpkin and therefore the light creates a scary face effect. People use pumpkin lanterns to embellish their homes at Halloween. Do people actually eat their pumpkins? Yes, they do! Pumpkin soup and pumpkin curry are very fashionable meals at this point of year.把南瓜内瓤掏空,在一面上刻上眼睛、嘴巴和鼻子。然后在这个空心南瓜里点上一支蜡烛,烛光透过南瓜上的“面孔”,营造出了一种恐怖氛围。万圣节时,人们会用这种南瓜灯来装饰屋子。那么人们会吃掉这些南瓜吗?答案是肯定的!每年的这个时候,南瓜汤和南瓜咖喱都备受欢迎。

Apple bobbing咬苹果
To play this game, place some apples during a large bowl of water. The competitors need to take a bite from one among the apples without using their hands. to form this harder , the competitors have their eyes covered with a shawl . you’re not allowed to use the edges of the bowl to assist you bite the apple. This game often involves getting very wet so it is a good idea to bring a towel!

Dressing up变装打扮
People of all ages dress abreast of Halloween. the foremost popular masquerade costumes include witches, vampires, ghosts, skeletons, zombies and monsters. you’ll buy a fancy dress from a store otherwise you can make your own reception . it is easy to form a ghost costume from an old white sheet or wear black clothes to seem sort of a witch.

Children dress up then visit the homes in their neighborhood posing for a “trick or treat”. The neighbor gives them sweets or money as a “treat”. If there’s no treat, the youngsters play a trick on the neighbor. Some people think that playing tricks is unkind but luckily there’s nearly always a treat. this tradition is imported from the us and is more fashionable children than with adults. Young children usually go trick-or-treating with parents or an older brother or sister.

Whether you opt to travel to a Halloween party or go trick-or-treating, we hope you’ve some ideas for celebrating Halloween.不论你是决定参加一场万圣节派对,还是玩“不给糖就捣乱”,我们都希望你能从文章中找到些庆祝万圣节的点子。