Having Chinese Food 吃中餐

Having Chinese Food 吃中餐

☆Our restaurant is noted for Hunan food. 我们餐馆以湘菜著称。

☆Sichuan is famous for fish seasoning and chicken cubes with chili peppers. 川菜有鱼香肉丝和辣子鸡丁。

☆This is my first time to a Chinese restaurant. Could you tell me the different features of Chinese food? 这是我第一次来中国餐馆。你能告诉我中国食物的不同特点吗?

☆Generally speaking, Cantonese food is a bit light; Shanghai food is rather sweet; and Hunan food are very spicy. They’re very good in color, flavor and taste.


☆It’s the most delicious dinner I’ve had for a long time. 这是我这么长时间以来吃过的最好吃的饭。

☆We’re here at a restaurant famous for its Chinese food. 我们来的这家餐馆是以是中国菜出名的。

☆At a restaurant that serves Cantonese food, we usually start off with soup. 在供应粤菜的餐馆里,我们吃饭通常从喝汤开始。

☆According to the menu, there is rice, rolls and dumplings. Which do you prefer? 根据菜单介绍,这里供应米饭、花卷和饺子。您喜欢吃哪一种?

☆Sichuan food is noted for its hot flavors. 川菜以辣味而闻名。

A:Are you ready to order now?

B:We’d like to try some Chinese food today. Could you give us any advice about it?

A:With pleasure. Chinese food is varied. We serve Cantonese cuisine and Sichuan cuisine.

B:What’s the difference between them?

A:Oh, Cantonese food is usually a kind of seafood. Sichuan food is a sort of food with some seasonings. And it tastes a bit more flavorful than Cantonese food.

B:Then I think Cantonese food sounds nice to us.

A:All right, would you like to look over the menu first? You can find the list of Cantonese dishes on the left and decide on your favorite dishes. I’ll be back in a minute and take your order.

B:Thanks a lot. You’re so considerate.