Have you ever been a babysitter 你做过保姆吗?

Have you ever been a babysitter 你做过保姆吗?

Diego: Hello, Silvia. This is Diego, I am Chinese.


Silvia: Hi. I’m Silvia, I am Korean.


Diego: We met last week and I knew that you are teaching Korean language, and today I want to ask you a question today. I want to ask you, “Have you ever been a baby sitter?”


Silvia: Yes, I am a Korean teacher and I have been teaching Korean for adults and children for almost 3 years, and Yes, I’ve been a babysitter. And actually, I was seventeen, so almost eight years ago, and I was in high school, and after school, I would go home, and my cousin would leave her little daughter with me, a two-year old, and she just learned how to walk so imagine that, and it was quite exhausting.


Diego: She was a handful.


Silvia: Yeah, she was.


Diego: Teaching children is not easy at all, especially aged children aged below 3, they are difficult to handle, I guess you need a lot of patience and care, how did you make it work?


Silvia: You’re right, teaching children is not easy at all, but I have experience and I know how to make children learn happily. First of all, you have to be friends with them, maybe not a day or two, but after a long time, they Will like you. After they like you, they will love to play with you and learn with you. Then you can also use some toys or games to attract their attention and make them like to learn and play with you. Yes, it is not difficult to if you know the technique, you may need more patience.


Diego: Did you get paid for this?


Silvia: No, I just liked her so much. I liked taking care of her even though sometimes she drove me crazy, and I felt like spanking her, but in the end I just ended spending the afternoon with her.


Diego: Ah, OK, sounds very good.


Silvia: It was OK, I guess.