Go shopping and eating at some restaurant with my friends

Go shopping and eating at some restaurant with my friends

Tu: Hello, I’m Tu and i am from Vietnam.

JM: and i am JM from the Philippines.


Tu: Our question today is where does one wish to hang out? on behalf of me a favorite place to hold out goes shopping and eating call at some restaurant with my friends. I can spend hours in some supermarket to buy and to travel around to ascertain what quite like new fashion and things like some type off stuff like rope then go eating with my friends but i do not adore to hold out with some guys because sometimes they feel so tired of the way I hang around too long in some shops and a few restaurants so I prefer going out with a number of my girlfriends.

图:我们今天要讨论的问题是,你喜欢去哪里玩? 我喜欢购物,喜欢和朋友们外出就餐。我可以在超市里购物好几个小时,我喜欢逛街,喜欢观察新的流行时尚,还喜欢欣赏一些小物件,然后我会和朋友们去吃饭,不过我不太喜欢和男生出去玩,因为有时我会在商店里逛很久或是在餐厅里待很久,他们会感到无聊,所以我更喜欢和女性朋友们出去玩。

JM: I see. Well on behalf of me i prefer to hold out at the beach, just contact the sand catching some rays, thinking of the Indian Ocean around then, hanging out with friends and just relaxing the entire day. then then I’d wish to head home and play some video games and that I like video games tons so I can play that the entire night then just repeat the entire process again subsequent morning. Yeah, that’s how i prefer to hold out.


Tu: Cool. does one like video games?


JM: Yes. i really like video games, I’m always playing them.


Tu: i do not love it . i do not love it .


JM: I’m sorry to listen to that.


Tu: OK. See you bye bye.


JM: Right, see you bye bye.