Football Reform

The Chinese government has unveiled a football reform plan in a bid to boost the game in the world’s most populous country.

The key goals(关键目标) of the plan are to ensure that the women’s team(女足队) returns to being counted as one of the best in the world(世界一流), and the men’s team grows into a formidable force(强队之列).

Another long-term goal(长远目标) is for the country to host the WorldCup(世界杯), an event that China has participated in(参加) only once, i.e., in 2002, when it crashed out in the group stages, losing all three matches and failing to score a single goal.

In order to rectify(改变) the issues of the past, the new plan begins with envisaging a major administrative shake-up(调整).

In terms of(在…方面) funding, the plan calls for the sports lottery(体育彩票) to be used to increase investment in football.

It also proposes building two more training centers at the national level, along with boosting football infrastructure across the country. For example, the plan calls for building 20,000 so-called football-focused elementary and secondary schools by 2020, with that number doubling by 2025.

重点词汇 Key Words:

改革 gǎi gé

  • n. 政府在实现足球改革的路上又迈进了一步。
    The government took another step on the road to football reform.
  • v. 他计划改革国家经济。
    He plans to reform the country’s economy.

参加 cān jiā
join/attend/participate in/take part in
v. 我们将去上海参加会议。
We’ll attend a meeting in Shanghai.

He took part in many competitions, winning several gold medals.

在…方面 zài …fāng miàn
in terms of/in the aspect of…

  • 实际运用方面,这两种手法哪个好一些?
    How do the two techniques compare in terms of application?
  • 联合国监督停火方面会发挥重要作用。
    The UN would play a major role in monitoring a ceasefire.
  • 公司降低成本方面付出了艰苦卓绝的努力。
    The company has made heroic efforts at cost reduction.