Experience Learning English – How My Children Learn English Effectively

Experience Learning English - How My Children Learn English Effectively

Experience Learning English – How My Children Learn English Effectively

First lead in with “happy”

Learning English is the same as learning other languages for Children, for example, foreign Children learning Mandarin, or learning Cantonese, at the beginning, it could be tough, I will tell my experience here today.

When my daughter was 3 years old, I began to receive English enlightenment in kindergarten, learning words such as apple and pear. The teacher taught very boringly. She said that she hates taking English lessons. The English class gave her such a bad first impression, which made the me worried. In order not to make her lose interest in learning English at the beginning, I decided to let her take the “happy” route. I showed her many English classes for children, and she suddenly liked the step-by-step, game-based English class.

I bought all the textbooks I needed for two years. It was very expensive, but it was worth thinking about it now. As long as I play the “YOU&ME” tapes and discs every day, my daughter can easily listen to it. There is no need for me to force her to mute letters and recite words. On Sunday, the daughter went to the English class to play games and learn for two hours. Finally, with a small sticker on her face that she was rewarded for her positive speech, she went home with a smile. For a whole year, although she was able to study hard at school, she still couldn’t speak in front of us. Colleagues laughed at me, and these several thousand yuan textbooks were in vain. I was not in a hurry, and according to the progress of the course, I slowly put the CD, disc, and tape.

The night before yesterday, we took her to a sports center to watch a light show. She suddenly said a phrase of English, meaning “this place is so beautiful”, “I am very happy tonight” and so on. If I pick her up in English on purpose, she will unexpectedly speak a lot of English. This makes me very excited. Yesterday, I used her textbook number and name as the password to open the ladder children’s English learning website. I want to take her to a wider world. I think as long as she is interested in English, even if she has to work hard to learn the language when she grows up, she won’t feel the pain anymore. Zhang Lin listened to English and looked for cards. My family had cards with pictures in Chinese and English to teach the children in English. My father is a retired college English teacher who teaches 5 year old children to learn English from time to time every day. First, the grandma said, the child followed, and then the grandma spoke English and asked the child to find out the card that the grandma said from a large number of cards, and finally, the child said that the grandma was drawing cards, and practiced repeatedly in this way. My children are very happy to accept this kind of entertaining and easy way of learning English.

Learning English requires hard work, and even more enjoyable education. I think that for first-year students or kindergarten children, you can try to watch cartoons to learn English, sing nursery rhymes to practice pronunciation, play games to develop language thinking, and enjoy fairy tales and play in English paradise.