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weekly schedule

Daughter: Dad, can I go to a movie this week with Shannon?

Father: Here. Try this. It’s called a book. [Ah, Dad!] Moby Dick. An American classic. [Dad!] Okay. Let me look at the schedule here. Hmm. When are you thinking about going to the movie?

Daughter: Uh, we’re thinking about seeing a movie on Wednesday after school.

Father: Well, that’s not going to work. You have piano lessons after school and then you have to babysit for the neighbors until 9:00.

Daughter: What about Monday?

Father: Monday’s out. You haven’t practiced your clarinet at all . . . for an entire month, so you have to catch up on that. And, don’t you have an essay due in your English class on Tuesday?

Daughter: Oh, I forgot about that [Yeah], and anyway, I was going to finish that during first period at school. [Great. I’ve never heard of a three-sentence essay.] So, what about Tuesday?

Father: Uh, you have soccer practice from 4:00 until 5:30, and after that, you have to do your homework.

Daughter: Ah, you can help me with that. Oh, I forgot you don’t know how to do geometry. So, can I see the movie on Thursday?

Father: Well, remember the science fair at school is on Friday, right? Is, is your project finished yet?

Daughter: Umm, what about Friday night? I checked the paper, and there’s a midnight showing.

Father: Uh-uh. Forget that idea.

Daughter: And Saturday?

Father: Well, you have to do your chores in the morning before noon. [You can help me with that.] Oh no. And then, we have to clean out the garage. You said you’d help. [No, you volunteered me.] Well, that should only take a couple of hours. [Dad, you’re ruining my social life.] And then, after that, we can go to the movie.

Daughter: We?

Father: Yeah, We. Mom and I and you and Shannon.

Daughter: Uh, Dad, actually. We weren’t planning on company.

Father: Now, let me check the paper for showtimes. [The movie plays at three oh five, five, seven fifteen, and nine.] You already checked, I see.

Daughter: Yeah. So is it okay? Can I go see the nine O’clock showing?

Father: The five o’clock showing!

Daughter: How about the seven o’clock showing?

Father: And why are you so concerned about the show time?

Daughter: Well, I don’t know if I’ll get all of my chores and homework done before then.

Father: Sorry, but I want you to get to bed early that night, and so, I can drop you off at the movie theater about 4:30 so you’ll have time to get tickets.

Daughter: Uh, Dad. Can I have money for the movie?

Father: Sure, just go into the family bank vault behind secret mirror in the hall and take a few hundred. [Dad!]. Look. I can only spare a few dollars, so you’ll have to come up with the rest, okay?

Daughter: Okay. Thanks, Dad.

1. What one thing does the girl NOT have to do on Wednesday after Chinese school?

A. practice the piano

B. take care of children

C. finish homework assignments

2. Why can’t the girl go to a movie on Monday?

A. She has to catch up on her French homework.

B. She needs to write a paper.

C. She must practice for a math test.

3. How long is her soccer practice on Tuesday?

A. one hour

B. an hour and a half

C. two hours

4. What chore does the girl have to do on Saturday?

A. clean the garage

B. pick up her room

C. finish her science project

5. Which English movie showing is the girl going to see?

A. 5:00 p.m.

B. 7:15 p.m.

C. 9:00 p.m.


1. finish homework assignments

2. She needs to write a paper.

3. an hour and a half

4. clean the garage

5. 5:00 p.m.

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