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English Reading – Have you ever brought any food in cinema?

English Reading - Have you ever brought any food in cinema

Topic 1 Poor Kids Tend to Choose Science Major Sit is believed that once financial concerns have been covered by their parents, children have more freedom to study less pragmatic things in universities. And a recent American research seems to prove that theory to be true, indicating that kids from lower-income families tend to pick more “useful” majors, while rich kids flock to majors like history, English and performing arts.

What do those researches say?

Topic 2 Six Eye-Opening Stats About Social Commerce in China Just how dominant is China on the global economic stage? Apart from its economy, which some in the west believe will overtake the US to be the world’s largest in the very near future, China’s fast-developing social e-commerce is already years ahead of the west.

This is according to Chris Bowler, global VP of social media, Razor fish, who listed 6 eye-opening stats about social commerce in China.

What are the trends? Is China really ahead in social commerce?

Topic 3 Is it OK to bring food into cinemas?

It is common to see popcorn and coke being sold in cinemas. However, in some cinemas, “foods from outside” are not allowed. Is it reasonable? On the other side, is it OK to bring any kind of food into cinemas?

Topic 4 Daughter slave, or just a doting father?

Hats off to David Beckham, who threw a tea party for his daughter Harper’s 4th birthday last week.

In fact, with the Chinese saying “Daughters are their fathers’ lover in a past life”, it seems almost natural that fathers spoil their daughters.

Is it a problem for being overprotective towards your daughter? Are you a daughter slave, or just a doting father?

What is a daughter slave? What are the symptoms of a daughter slave?


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