English Reading Comprehension – Think about our kids in the future

Todd: OK, Simon, I was wondering you know, you have a newborn son and before you know it, he’ll probably be 10 years old, 12 years old, and I wonder if his life will a lot different than it was for us when we were 10 or 12. Like for example, education, do you remember what school was like when you were 12.


Simon: Yeah, sure I do. I think his education will be the same as mine. I don’t think, like I had a classroom with maybe 15 or 20 students in it. He’ll probably have a classroom with 15 or 20 students in it. Of course there will be a lot more technology in his classroom. I mean, I remember my first computer had green and white, green and black screen. He’ll probably have 3-dimensional shapes with his computer screen.


Todd: That will be amazing. What about sports? Do you think sports will be the same? That he’ll play pick up games with his friends and go to the park and play soccer, whatever.


Simon: Sure. The only difference is for example, I played soccer in a sport course when I was young. I played on grass. He’ll probably play on artificial turf on the top of a building somewhere.


Todd: Right. Actually that kind of worried me about kids today. They don’t play sports and freely as they did, you know, when I was 12. Cause when I was 12, we would always play pick-up basketball games or pick-up baseball games. I don’t know if kids do that so much anymore.


Simon: I think they probably do.


Todd: You think so. OK. Well what about entertainment?

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Simon: I think some things never change so when he is 12 years old he will do exactly what I don’t want him to do, which is exactly what I did so those things might be different, like I would probably hang out with my friends and go skateboarding. He’ll probably have a jet board instead.


An exciting football game

Todd: A jet board. Right.


Simon: Well, who knows. I don’t know, but something, something new.


Todd: Right. Right. OK, that’s cool. Anything else you think might be different for your son, especially when you son is 30, in his 30’s like you.


Simon: Yeah, but I guess technology, I think technology and overpopulation so he’ll probably see a lot less natural sites or won’t be able to experience nature as I did. I mean even now I don’t see as much nature as I did 20 years ago.


Todd: Right. Yeah, it’s kind of a sad thing. OK, anyway, thanks a lot Simon.


Simon: Yeah, no problem.


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