English Phrase of the Day – Lose Track Of

English Phrase of the Day - Lose Track Of

For people who are trying to learn English, one of the most important things to do is to learn vocabularies, why? Because vocabulary is the content of any conversation, it is very difficult to start your sentences without knowing the words you want to say, right? A great way to start speaking English is to learn fixed phrases, without thinking too much about the grammar. 

English language contains a lot of phrases, it is sometimes hard for Chinese learner to learn it, because there are so many propositions in them, but the fact is, English speakers frequently used them in daily life, today, we are going to learn one of them, the one we are learning is: 

  lose track of 联系中断,错过

Some Examples:

  I guess I lost track of everybody after high school. 我猜自从高中毕业之后,我基本上失去了和所有人的联系。

  I lost track of you, but I always heard about you. 我虽然和你失去了联系,不过经常会听到你的事情。

  Yeah. I guess I lost track of time. 恩,我猜我把时间给忘了。

  I lost touch with many of my old friends. 我和我的很多老朋友们失去了联系。

  Where are all of your elementary school friends? 你所有小学同学都在哪?

  I’ve lost track of most of them over the years. 我好几年都没跟他们取得联系了。