English Lesson – Sustainable Solutions for Old Toys 英语课 – 旧玩具的可持续解决方案

English Lesson - Sustainable Solutions for Old Toys 英语课 - 旧玩具的可持续解决方案

English Lesson – Sustainable Solutions for Old Toys 英语课 – 旧玩具的可持续解决方案

If you’re a parent, you recognize how quickly your kids can undergo their toys. Once a toy breaks, or when a replacement toy craze hits the market, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Considering Americans buy quite $18 billion worth of toys annually, you’re not alone. As kids grow old and their interests shift, a mountain of unused, broken and obsolete toys is usually left in their wake (usually stuffed into the closet or under the bed). This fast turnover can make avoiding the rubbish bin particularly challenging, even for the foremost environmentally conscious parents. But aside from putting the old and broken items out on the curb, what other recycling and donation options exist for toys and toy waste?


Donating may be a Rewarding Option


Donating functional toys for reuse should be the first line of defense. In addition to shelters and child care centers, the most obvious and easily available donation option is a thrift store like Goodwill, which accepts clean and fully functional toys that can be resold. The famous “Marine Toy Foundation” is also a good choice. It donates all unopened or rarely used toys to families who cannot afford them. Another good option is the second chance for toys, which is a non-profit organization that accepts the distribution of toys during the “Earth Week” and holidays in April.


Broken Toy or Plastic Waste?


Broken toys are often especially challenging to sustainably eliminate , as thrift stores and donation programs won’t accept them. this will be troubling once you consider that quite 40% of the toys gifted to kids during the vacation season alone are broken by spring. to form matters worse, approximately 90% of toys on the market are made out of plastic.


In fact, consistent with research done by the Plastic Disclosure Project, the toy business has the very best “plastic intensity” of the other sector within the commodity market. The study concluded that toy manufacturers have a “value at risk” of three .9% of annual revenue, or the share of annual revenue that might be required to mitigate the environmental damage caused by their use of plastic.


Toy Recycling Options


English Lesson – Sustainable Solutions for Old Toys 英语课 – 旧玩具的可持续解决方案

Until recently, recycling options for broken and unusable toys are difficult to return by. While many broken electronic toys are often recycled by state-operated e-waste recycling initiatives, options for other broken toys are often extremely limited. Even so, there are indeed ways to avoid the landfill. for instance , TerraCycle recently partnered with Tom’s of Maine for Earth Month to assist families round the country recycle their old and broken toys that can’t be donated. During the program, five hundred boxes of broken toys are going to be diverted from landfills and recycled into plastic products like park benches.

直到最近,对坏掉和不能使用的玩具进行回收利用的选择还很困难。虽然国营的电子垃圾回收计划可以回收许多损坏的电子玩具,但是其他损坏的玩具的选择却非常有限。即便如此,还是有办法避免垃圾填埋。例如,TerraCycle最近与缅因州的Tom ‘s合作,为地球月帮助全国的家庭回收他们不能捐赠的旧的和坏的玩具。在这个项目中,500箱破碎的玩具将从垃圾填埋场转移出来,并回收利用,制成公园长椅等塑料制品。

Depending on your municipal plan, the damaged toy may be recyclable, but only if it accepts the plastic resin used in the toy. Obviously, the problem with this is that toys are made from a variety of plastics. Polyvinyl chloride (#3, PVC), polypropylene (#5, PP) and polystyrene (#6, PS) are just a few of the most commonly used resins by toy manufacturers. Even if toys have a recognizable resin identification code, the municipality’s ability to accept certain plastics varies widely; for example, some people have started collecting polypropylene, while others still only accept the most common (PET and HDPE). Before putting a bad plastic toy in a blue trash can by the road, please contact the local authorities.


Children can undergo their toys rapidly, making the ashcan a tempting thanks to remove all the clutter. Being sure you’re responsibly discarding those old and broken toys are often an excellent thanks to further reduce your family’s environmental footprint.