English Lesson of the day – Living for today not tomorrow

English Lesson of the day - Living for today not tomorrow

Adam: Hi Sarah.


Sarah: Hi.


Adam: Today we’re talking about bucket list. Things you want to do before you die. Do you have anything?


Sarah: Actually, no. I don’t have a bucket list. And the reason why is because I’ve already done or I’m currently doing the things that I want to do. In addition, I like to live in the now, so like the present, like what’s happening. So I really don’t think of the distant future very much, just like what’s in front of me. For example, I’m going to Singapore soon, in about 10 days. And I’m really looking forward to that and the new adventure and things that I’ll get to do there, I know I have find many delicious Chinese food there, and I know Singaporean people also speak Mandarin.

.萨拉:实际上,并没有。我没有遗愿清单。原因是我已经完成了我想做的事情,或者我正在达成我的目标。另外,我喜欢活在当下,享受当下,享受目前的状态。所以我不太考虑遥远的未来,只考虑眼下的事情。比如,我10天以后要去新加坡。我非常期待这趟旅行,我期待着新的冒险,期待我在那里要做的事情, 我知道我在那里找到许多美味的中国菜。

Adam: What sort of things do you have in mind to explore in Singapore?


Sarah: First of all, swing dancing. My favorite kind of dance currently is Lindy hop swing dancing. And Singapore is one of the places in Asia that has several swing dance meet-up groups. So I look forward to dancing several of the nights while I’m there, but also trying all of the delicious food and just exploring a country that I’ve never been to.


Adam: Wow, great. What are some of the things that you have wanted to do in the past that you have accomplished already?


Sarah: I think living in foreign countries. I’ve already lived in two foreign countries and I plan on living in foreign countries probably the rest of my life. So that’s a big one. And I think just everyday things, like finishing college and getting two master’s degrees and being able to support myself. It’s all things that are important to me.


Adam: Yeah. Those are really great things. What are your two degrees in?


Sarah: My first degree is in teaching English to speakers of other languages who want to learn English language. This degree allows me to be able to live in other countries and to teach English. And then my other degree is in global studies. So it’s like an inter-cultural degree where I learned about different cultures and religions.


Adam: That’s really great. Have you ever eaten anything exotic or had any really interesting experiences that most people might not have had when you’re traveling to these different places and fulfilling your goals?


Sarah: I’ve definitely eaten a lot of different things, most of which I’m not really sure what a lot of it was. The strangest probably – jellyfish, maybe. I’d also gotten a chance to ride a lot of different animals. I’ve ridden a camel, donkey, horse, elephant, and even an ostrich. So that’s pretty exciting.


Adam: Yeah. That’s really interesting. Have you done any other extreme activities?


Sarah: Yeah. I’ve been skydiving before. I’ve been volcano boarding. I’m trying to think what else I have done. I haven’t been bungee jumping. I think that’s probably one of the only ones that I haven’t done as of right now. But I really have no desire to do that one, so.


Adam: Wow. That’s great. You’ve lived a good life.