English lesson – at the bank report lose of card

at the bank

A: Welcome to IBJ Bank, how can we be of service?


B: I spoke to a girl named Claire on the phone; it’s about losing my card and everything.


A: What I need you to do first is fill in these forms, with as much detail as possible. Then we can get you a new card.


B: So, I can get my new card today?


A: I’m sorry, Sir, the full procedure can take up to 7 days to process everything.


B: 7 days! What am I supposed to do for money until then?


A: If you bring some ID with you it’s possible for you to make a withdrawal over the counter if you need to. But unfortunately, without your new card you cannot use the ATM, so all withdrawals must be made within working hours.

如果您带着身份证件的话您是可以在需要时到柜台办理取钱业务的。 但是,不幸的是,没有新卡您不能使用自动提款机,因此您只能在我们上班时取款。

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