English language course – The good thing about kitten yoga

English language course - The good thing about kitten yogaThe good thing about kitten yoga is that there are adoptable kittens!


The bad thing about kitten yoga is that you have to share these wonderful baby animals with other people. These other people will try to hog all the kittens, picking them up and holding them as they pretend to move through a sun salutation.


The kittens will step on your mat as you flip into a warrior pose. You won’t get the best workout to learn kitten yoga, but it’s hard to care when your classmates are so fluffy.


“Kitten yoga is a great opportunity to get some exercise and [for] kittens to get some social interaction with potential adopters,” Best Friends Animal Society PR manager Hannah Stember tells The Post about the new class, which will be offered monthly. Plus, she adds, “yoga is a stress reliever.”


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