English Joke – The Bald Guy 英语笑话 – 秃头的人

English Joke - The Bald Guy 英语笑话 - 秃头的人

One of the best ways to learn English is to read jokes and listen to English songs, below is a traditional English Joke, let’s read it and learn some new vocabularies.

【笑话原文】The Bald Guy

Once there was an old guy, who was growing old and starting to lose his hair. By the time he had gone completely bald, he decided to cover his bald head with a wig. One day, he went out hunting with some friends. A strong wind suddenly blew his wig off. When his friends saw what had happened, they started laughing so hard that they could not stop. The bald guy started laughing, too, and just as loudly as the other men.

He said to his friends, “How can I expect my fake hair to stay on my head when even my real hair won’t stay there?”

每日英文学习 – 英语笑话一篇【中文译文】指望假发

从前有一个老人,因为年龄的增长,他的头发开始脱落。在彻底变成秃顶之前,他决定弄一顶假发来遮盖秃了的头。 有一天,他和几个朋友出去玩。一阵大风把他的假发吹掉了。朋友们看到后都忍不住大笑起来。 这位秃顶的老人也开始和其他人一样大声地笑了起来。他对朋友们说:“连我自己的真头发都不愿留在我的脑门上,我怎么还能指望一顶假发乖乖地在上面呆着呢?”


1.hunt with。Hunt有“驱逐”的意思:We hunted the neighbor’s chickens out of our yard.我们把邻居家的小鸡从我们院子里轰走了。

2.blow吹风。也有“吹响”的意思:He took out his flute, and blew at it.他拿出笛子吹了起来。


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