English Joke – See it with your own eyes – 英語笑話 – 親眼所見

English Joke - See it with your own eyes - 英語笑話 - 親眼所見




Not An Eye Witness

Visiting the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C, I was admiring a beautiful tribal elder headdress decorated with eagle feathers. A man came up to me and identified himself as Native American.

“Do you know how warriors got those?” the man asked, pointing to the feathers.

“They covered a hole with brush, tied a live rabbit on top of it and hid underneath. When an eagle swooped down for the kill, they would grab its wing or tail.”

“Fascinating,” I said. “Did you see it yourself?”

“Actually, no,” the man confessed. “I saw it on the Discovery Channel.”







1.admire欣赏、钦佩。admire sb.’s capacity for work钦佩某人的工作能力。“称赞”:He forgot to admire her new hat.他忘了称赞她的新帽子。“(常作反语)感到惊奇”:I admire your audacity.对你的厚颜我不胜惊讶。

2.tribal部落的。tribal customs部落习俗;a tribal war部落战争

3.identify认为,识别,鉴定。The light was too dim for me to identify her.光线太暗,我没法认出她。“认为等同于”:He identifies beauty with goodness.他认为美即善。“使与有关联”:That politician is too closely identified with the former government.那个政治家与前政府的关系过于密切。

4.warrior勇士、鼓吹战争的人。a cold warrior冷战专家

5.swoop飞扑。还有“下降”的意思:Air Force planes swooped low over the target.空军的战机在目标上空低飞。还有“吮吸”的意思:swoop in a hot swallow吸入一口烫的东西。

6.fascinating迷人的。a fascinating woman迷人的女子。The story of his adventures was fascinating to listen to.听他讲他的冒险经历真有趣极了。

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