English Idioms about Body 关于身体的英语成语

English Idioms about Body 关于身体的英语成语

Todd: So Meg, within the last one we were talking about English Idioms about Body, but we didn’t cover all of them . Let’s re-evaluate some more idioms.
托德:梅格,上期节目我们讨论了 关于身体的英语成语,不过我们并没有说全。现在我们来复习更多习语。

Meg: OK.


Todd: Alright therefore the first one is what activity is in your blood?


Meg: Hmm, i might say anything with nature in my blood, so hiking or especially kayaking. i really like going kayaking, then it’s hard on behalf of me to resist if I’m during a place with beautiful nature, i want to travel outside.


Todd: So what about baking? Isn’t baking kind of just natural for you. Don’t you only like to bake? Isn’t it in your blood?


Meg: I also like baking. Yes, I think hiking and baking are things that I am naturally good at, but these are two different activities. In particular, I can make creative decorative desserts that I can share with others. I don’t like baking food for myself. I like to share with others. This is a very enjoyable thing for me. Are there any activities you are good at?


Todd: Well, i feel one is simply teaching. i really like teaching. I just want to show all the time. albeit I won the lottery, i might be an educator . I a bit like thinking of lessons, thinking of latest ideas for lessons, trying technology with lessons, so even on my free time, i prefer brooding about it. And another thing is jogging. albeit , most of the people are surprised because I’m a touch fat. I’m about 20 pounds overweight, but I run almost a day .


Meg: i feel I’ve seen you running before.


Todd: Yeah, I literally run a day . Like if i do not run, I feel terrible, like it is the most relaxing thing on behalf of me .


Meg: Yeah.


Todd: I can go two or three days – two days maybe – but i can not go three or four days without running.


Meg: So jogging is basically in your blood?


Todd: Yeah, and that i started once I was a child . you recognize the movie Forest Gump, where he just starts running.


Meg: Right, yes, yes.


Todd: That was me as a child .


Meg: Run Forest Run!


Todd: i might just run out of my driveway, also within the country, and just go running for an hour.


Meg: Wow!


Todd: Just to run, i assumed it had been fun.


Meg: Well, that’s great.


Todd: Yeah, it’s definitely in my blood.


Todd: OK, so we’ll talk a touch about feelings. So once you get criticized, does one take it to heart?


Meg: i feel my first reaction, is to require it to heart, so sometimes i’d be a touch oversensitive once I first get criticized, but after a while passes and i am ready to believe it, usually I can see how that criticism are often useful, and that i can attempt to make a change or improve something. Or I can decide that i do not care that person’s opinion. What about you? What does one do? How does one respond?


Todd: Yeah, I wont to take things to heart tons , but as I’ve gotten older, as many of us do, now tons of it just rolls off my back, as we say, like water off a duck’s back, so it doesn’t bother me in the least


Meg: Yeah.


Todd: Yeah, I just realize everybody has different opinions and do not worry about it.


Meg: Yeah, i feel that’s an honest attitude to possess .


Todd: Yeah, OK, therefore the next one also about feelings and opinions. So are you more likely to bite your lip, or speak your mind once you afflict somebody?


Meg: i feel it depends on things , so if I desire somebody else is being treated unfairly or there are some rules that are there for a reason that ought to be followed, i’m ore likely to talk my mind, but if it’s something personal, or simply associated with me i’d bite my lip to undertake to stay the peace. What would you are doing , bite your lip or speak your mind?


Todd: Well, I even have an enormous mouth, so no, I always speak English in my mind. So I even have a very big mouth. I just never keep it inside. Yeah, it’s really hard on behalf of me to bite my lip.


Meg: Hmm.


Todd: Yeah, so. which will be a nasty thing.


Meg: But sometimes good.


Todd: Yeah, say it love it is, as they assert .