English course – I want to be the greatest salesman

English course - I want to be the greatest salesman

Harry wants to be a great salesman,哈利想成为伟大的推销员,

so he goes to a building and speaks to the manager.所以他去一个建筑和经理说话。

“I’m the best salesman in the world,”“我是世界上最好的推销员,”

he says, “Give me a job as a salesman. “他说,“给我一个推销员的工作。“

“You must prove you’re the best , ” the manager says.“你必须证明你是最好的,”经理说。

The manager takes a box of candy out of his desk.经理需要一盒糖果从他的办公桌。

“Last week, I bought l, 000 boxes of this candy.“上周,我买了l,000箱这糖果。

If you can sell them all before the end of the week,如果你能卖掉所有本周结束前

you can have the job. “你可以拥有这份工作。“

“That’s very easy, ” Harry says.“这很容易,”哈利说。

He takes the box of candy and leaves the office.他把盒子里的糖果和离开办公室。

Every day and all day he goes from shop to shop,每一天,他整天就会从商店购物,

trying to sell boxes of the candy, but he can’t sell one.试图出售盒糖果,但他不能卖一个。

The candy is so bad that he can’t even give it away.糖果是如此糟糕,他甚至不能让它离开。

At the end of the week he goes back to the manager.在这周结束的时候,他又回到了经理。

“I’m sorry, sir,” he says, “I am wrong about myself.“对不起,先生,”他说,“我错了我自己。

I’m not the best salesman in the world, but I know who is.”我不是世界上最好的推销员,但我知道是谁。”

“Oh, who? “the manager asks.“哦,是谁?”经理问。

“The person who sold you l,000 boxes of this candy. ““卖给你的人1,000箱的糖果。“




manager n.经理

prove/ pru:v/v.证明,证实

candy n.糖果;冰糖


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