English Course – How to Survive in Beijing for 10 Dollars

English Course - How to Survive in Beijing for 10 Dollars

Topic1 The Most Strict Real-Name Registration for Mobile PhonesSince Sept. 1st this year, the strictest ever real name registration for mobile phones has been launched in China. It means that all users have to bring their second generation ID cards with them to either open an account or resume their account which was not registered via the ID card. Do you think the real-name registration is necessary and will this system work?

Topic2 Survival Challenge of University Students10 university students has received a survival challenge of living in Beijing with only 10 yuan for 4 days in the summer vacation. What can these students get from the challenge? What will you do if you’re the one facing this challenge?

Topic3 Public Facilities, Too Few or Too Much?

Media reports always criticized that there has been an insufficient number of public facilities in Chinese cities. However, we also have many unnecessary facilities left unused by citizens. Are public facilities too few or too much? How can we solve the problem?

Topic4 Clueless Chinese Men Learn the “Hot Water Trick” to Win Girls at Dating SchoolIt’s tough being a single guy in China. Not only do you have to compete in an imbalanced society where males outnumber females 118 to 100, but you are expected to own property, be handsome and have a good temper to boot.

Desperate young men are now paying as much as 7000 yuan for a seven-day crash course on how to strike a conversation with girls and keep the attraction going.

What’s going on?