English course – reading books in Printed Form or on Computer?

English course - reading books in Printed Form or on Computer

Write an essay with the title “reading books in Printed Form or on Computer” in which you should

1) analyze the strong points and the weak points of each one,
2)  tell your own preference and your reasons

本题是一篇标题加提纲式作文。文章的主题和基本框架在指导语中给出了要求。文章要求以“Reading Books in Printed Form or on Computer(读印刷书还是电子书)”为题(同时也是文章的主题),(一)分析印刷书和电子书的优缺点;(二)说明你自己的喜好及其原因。

The popularization of computer has made it possible to read books on computer. With it, there is much discussion about whether e-books will replace traditional print-on-paper books.

Some people say they like only e-books, which are quicker and more convenient to get and use. To get a needed book, one has to spend much time or money in searching for buying it in bookstores, but one can just type in the title, author or other related information of the book to find it in minutes on internet. Sometimes one can even read the full content to a digitized book free of charge or instantly discuss about a book in an online forum. Moreover, a lot of information of books can be stored in small compact disc, which is easy to take.

Other people, however, think printed books are still necessary. In the first place, too much time in front of the computer can cause eyestrain or increase radiation risks. Second, a printed book can be read at your convenience .One can read in bed before sleep or during a boring journey, without fussing with a computer.

In sum, since e-books and printed books have their respective advantages and can complement each other, I would like to combine the two ways to meet different needs. For quick reference, a digitized book will probably be useful. To appreciate a poem or a novel, I prefer the traditional way of reading on printed books.


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