English Course Hong Kong – Taking holiday for 2.5 days

English Course Hong Kong - Taking holiday for 2.5 days

Topic1 Booming Chinese Film MarketThe Chinese film market has made great performances since the beginning of 2015, breaking many box office records, including the 5.49 billion box office revenues in July. Can these figures prove a bright future of Chinese films?

Topic2 BBC Documentary on Chinese Style Teaching in UK ClassroomsThe Chinese education system – with its long school days and tough discipline – tops global league tables. This is according to a BBC report, as an experiment is carried out to see how British pupils cope when five Chinese teachers took over part of the Bohunt School in Liphook. The process is being made into a documentary and just aired on BBC.

What happened? And how did the experiment turn out?

Topic3 Two-and-half-day weekendRecent news shows that the Chinese government is encouraging employees to have a two-and-half-day weekend during hot summer days.

Wu Wenxue, Deputy Director of the National Tourism Bureau said this during a State Council meeting.

This encouragement comes with the understanding that the weekend will start on Friday afternoon.

In an ongoing survey conducted by sina.com.cn, nearly 80 percent of the estimated 30,000 respondents believe a two-and-half day long weekend is feasible.

Why this proposal?

Topic4 Borrowing money for filial pietyRecently, a 21-year-old girl became famous online for a post asking 2 million yuan for her to fulfill filial piety in advance. Is it suitable to do so or just another way of hyping?


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