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English Course Hong Kong – Movie Home浩瀚宇宙中,波波星人因不堪忍受瓜星人的侵掠,在骄傲自大的斯迈克队长的率领下,他们四处奔波,终于发现地球是完美的家园,于是占领了地球,将人类驱逐到澳大利亚一处专门修建的定居点。绰号“小钱”的女孩格莱图蒂·图奇在波星人的转移计划中幸运漏网,偶遇了波星人的通缉犯小欧。一个为了寻找母亲,一个为了逃避追捕,这对“小冤家”结成了星际拍档,连同小钱的宠物猫猪猪,一同踏上了冒险旅行。经历了种种坎坷后,两人终于抛弃成见,并结下了深厚的友谊,而小欧也明白了“家园”一词的深刻含义。


1. Give Daddy some sugar!


2. We are doomed!


3. Who would wanna leave this behind? I have got to fix this.


4. I’m trying to hide from the Boov. I’m not bringing one with me. You’ll just turn me in.


5. Seriously? You guys had to ruin the Statue Of Liberty? You will not get away with this.


6. What is the purpose of your face?


7. Enough with the ripping!


8. You’re getting the hang of it!


9. And to show I do not hold against you any grudges, I have brought you delicious snacking.


10. You cannot just leave someone alone like that! Put yourself in my shoes!


11. Do you know how hard it was for me to fit in?


12. She is bluffing. She could not possibly reach the gravity thing.


13. Ok, math whiz, how long till we get to Australia?

好吧,数学天才, 我们到澳大利亚要多久?

14. Some Boov you are!


15. Make a path, I’m holding a baby.


16. Is it time to pick it up a level?



1. Where have you been? You were gone forever…I thought you were dead or hurt, or…I don’t know! But you cannot just leave someone alone like that! Put yourself in my shoes…I’m just a kid. I’m not supposed to be by myself all the time. This is child endangerment, which is a crime, by the way…Usually, we don’t cross the Atlantic by ourselves until we’re 16. No, none of this is normal! Don’t you get it? You ruined everything! I was finally happy here–there, where I lived with my mom. Do you know how hard it was for me to fit in? How long that took?

2. I has confusion. I do not wish to be erased. But maybe Captain Smek is right. It is possible I will continue making hilarious mistakes. Gratuity Tucci… before we came… Captain Smek told us that the humans needed us, that the humans were just like the animals…and that we could to make them better… teach to them. We were told the humans were simple and backwards. It is what we thought. But I am thinking now that we were thinking wrong. And that Captain Smek is the wrongest. I am thinking the Boov should never have come to Smekland, to Earthland. So I am saying the sorry to you. 3. Nobody’s perfect. My mom says your mistakes are what make you human. She is so amazing. She saved up everything she had so we could move and things would be better for us.

4. No, no, no. He is not a Super Boov. There is only one Super Boov on this ship, and you know who it is. You’re looking at him. I invented running away. And look at this, I have the Shusher. I am your captain.

5. But you are not good captain. You told us these things and we all believed them. I believed them. But then I met a humansperson. And she is not like you said. She is brave and smart and cares about other humanspersons in a way that we Boov do not even care about each other. She even cares about me. And I’ve done very little to earn that. The Boov may be superior in many ways, but not in the ways that I now thinks are most important.



The crowd: Bye, Boov.

The Boov: Get lost!

Tip: Wow, you guys really are good at running away.

Oh: Yes. Yes, we are.

Tip: Look, over there! That’s where we saw my mom!

The Boov: Hurry up, it is the last ship!

Tip: It’s okay, Pig. I’ll be back with Mom. We’re almost there!

Oh: Over here.

Tip: What?

Oh: Hurry!

Tip: I don’t understand. She’s in there?

Oh: Yes.

Tip: Tell me the truth.

Oh: There is no time. You can come with me. You will be safety.

Tip: My mom’s not on that ship, is she? You promised to help me find her, and you’re leaving? You lied to me.

Oh: No! A lie is a bad thing. I did a thing so you can live.

Tip: I’m not going. My mom is here.

Oh: You will never find her. It is 100%. Staying now does not make hope. Gorg mothership will be here soon. It destroys planets. We must run away now!

Tip: No!

Oh: It is true. Humans persons cannot even understand simple, simple things. I am saving you! I am being your friend.

Tip: No, you’re just running away.You don’t leave your family. But you can’t understand that because you’re just a Boov! You’ve never been my friend.

Oh: Wait!

The ship: Final escape pod departing.


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