English Course Hong Kong – Canadian Winter

English Course Hong Kong - Canadian Winter

Adrienne: So, Lisa, you’re from Montreal. I think when I think of Canada, I think of cold. Is it very cold in Montreal?

Lisa: In the wintertime, Montreal gets very cold. With the wind chill factor, which is the scale to measure how cold the wind is, literally, it can get down to minus 25 degrees celsius at night.

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Adrienne: Wow!

Lisa: Yes, but it’s different than a lot of other countries that only go down to zero because in Montreal you dress warmly, whereas in places like New York or Tokyo or London, maybe you don’t dress as warmly cause the temperature doesn’t go down as low, but in Montreal in the wintertime, you’re wearing hats, you’re wearing mitts, you’re wearing winter boots.

Adrienne: So what can you do in the winter? Just stay inside all the time?

Lisa: Surprisingly, even though it’s so cold, there’s a lot to do in Montreal in the wintertime. Some great activities are you can go for a sleigh ride in old Montreal. Old Montreal is probably about five or six hundred years old, from around the time that the city was founded, and they have horse drawn sleigh rides. There are outdoor skating rinks, that you can go skating. It’s very romantic. You can drive forty-five minutes away and go skiing and go ice-skating or stay in little auberge, little lodges, on the ski hills or close to the ski hills. It’s actually really nice and lends itself to a very cozy winter cause it’s so cold outside and yet you can get nice and warm by the fire inside.

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