English Course for Intermediate Level – Chinese Poverty Line

English Course for Intermediate Level - Chinese Poverty Line

Topic1 UCAR and Uber in Ad War

UCAR, the domestic car-on-demand service provider,satirized Uber, an American car-on-demand company, on Weibo by presenting nine posters targeting Uber. However, the advertisement seems to have not only offended netizens, but also worked in Uber’s favor.

What did UCAR do?

Topic2 Chinese Poverty Line

Recently, many netizens are discussing about the latest figures of average salary in different cities. Some feel that they are poor as their income is much less than the “average salary”. However, according to Chinese poverty line, if you earn more than 6.3 yuan per day, you are not poor. Is the poverty line reasonable?

What’s the poverty line?

Topic3 Personal Tailored Class Schedule for Student Doing WeChat Business

A Chinese high school student has got a personal tailored class schedule after he skipped many classes for his WeChat business and got complaints from many of his teachers.

Should the trend of starting a business be encouraged by the school even it has already influenced studies? How should we balance studies and doing business?

Topic4 Airlines to provide in flight Wi-Fi services

A recent report says that 3 major Chinese airlines, including China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Air China, have been approved to provide in flight Wi-Fi services.

Can we expect to enjoy very in-flight Wi-Fi service very soon?

Topic5 Dog Owner Asks Woman to Apologize to Dog

Claimed that her pet dog was scared by a pram, a woman in Chengdu asked for an apology from the baby’s grandparent, causing serious conflict and again disputes about the relation between human beings and dogs.

What happened?


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