English Composition – It is so difficult to start a business

English Composition - It is so difficult to start a business



Nowadays on the one hand colleges and universities recruit a large number of students every year, on the other hand students will be in a more competitive labor market than before after four years’ study. But there are still many graduates go home without job.

With more graduates and less job opportunities, students are encouraged to start business on their own when they graduate from university. They can start anything they are interested in, make decisions on their own, and obtain the fruit of their own labor. Only by this way will graduates become more independent, confident and creative.

However this process is supposed to get the support of government. So the government should provide these students with special policies, and lead them into a right road.


Under the pressure of finding job, running a business is most fresh graduates’ dream. But it is not as easy as speaking.

But a recent survey showed that such ambition lacks necessary support and still remain dreaming stage. The Shanghai Municipal Employment Promotion Center polled 1,276 graduates from several universities and colleges in the city, and showed 59.78 percent of respondents think it is possible to set up a company or a small store, but they just stop at the ‘thinking’ stage. The top reason for not releasing this dream is a shortage of investment and a lack of business opportunity.

In a word, it needs all kinds of factories to start a business. And when a person is going to run a business, he should arm himself with the necessary knowledge.


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