Do you Like Studying English or Chinese 你喜欢学习英语还是中文

Do you Like Studying English or Chinese 你喜欢学习英语还是中文

Aiko: Hello, my name is Aiko. I’m from Japan.

Gareth: And my name is Gareth and i am from England.


Aiko: Our question is does one wish to study Mandarin? How about you, Gareth?


Gareth: Yes, I do, not only for myself except for my son. My son often asks me questions like how do earthquakes happen, how do engines work and that i feel that if i do not know the solution to his questions, i will be a nasty daddy. So it’s quite insecurity which drives me to review but I do enjoy it. I do enjoy checking out how earthquakes actually happen and why they happen and the way combustion engines work. How about you, Aiko?


Aiko: Yeah, I do wish to study generally on the other hand I enjoy studying English the foremost . the rationale for that’s , one, it’s like my hobby so it isn’t sort of a chore really studying and also that’s something i want to enhance because i exploit English with my husband and our youngsters and our youngsters are only three years old and one year old but their English is improving so quickly, unbelievably quickly, so I desire I’m falling behind which motivates me tons .


Gareth: Well, they keep you alert, right?