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Deliciously Italian Food 美味的意大利菜

Deliciously Italian Food 美味的意大利菜

Todd: What did you think that about Italian food in America? Italian food is extremely popular in America., but is it almost like Italian food in Italy?

Yuri: Oh, that’s an honest topic. different from other food, like Spanish, Chinese, French, i might say that if really…you want to undertake the simplest Italian food, you’ve got to travel to Italy. It’s really different. i have been to several countries in Europe and that i wanted to undertake Italian food in some restaurants — very rarely it had been good. it isn’t bad, but…I’m sure there are some fantastic restaurants, but it’s quite different, yeah…


Todd: So basically the Italian food in America has been Americanized — it isn’t like Italian food in Italy.


Yuri: Yeah, for instance pizza. you would like to shop for an honest pizza? Italy. That’s it.


Todd: what is the difference between pizza in America and pizza in Italy?


Yuri: Oh, it is a lot of differences. There are tons of differences. It’s just the crust is different, the ingredients are different, the water is different, the way they create it, yeah…


Todd: So is that the crust thicker or thinner?


Yuri: In Italy usually it’s very thin.


Todd: Oh right.


Yuri: And it’s extremely tasty, the tomatoes are fantastic, the mozzarella is real mozzarella, you know, so it’s different.


Todd: So if you attend an Italian restaurant in America, it’s most pasta. once we consider Italian, we expect of, you know, pasta for everything. What about in Italy, is that the same? Like, do most restaurants just serve pasta?


Yuri: Yes, we serve pasta as a primary course, but we’ve such a lot other food…a lot. It’s quite amazing. Also in Italy you’ll really change food region by region. you’ll move around and therefore the food changes. within the States i feel you’ll just have this concept of Italy food — all of it together.


Todd: Right, so once you say that pasta is that the first course, so that’s quite different. it isn’t the most course of a meal. Like in America, you attend a restaurant and you order spaghetti, like, or lasagna or whatever…that’s it. that is the main dish.


Yuri: No, that’s not the way we dine in Italy.


Todd: How does one dine in Italy?


Yuri: Well traditionally you’ve got the primary course, usually it’s pasta or gnocchi, whatever. then you attend a meat dish with vegetables. And then you get some cheese and fruits and occasional (espresso).


Todd: does one have like main meat dishes? you recognize , sort of a steak or stuff like that?


Yuri: Yeah, of course, we’ve tons . Arrosta for instance , I can tell you loads of-Italian names. and perhaps many of us outside of Italy they might not even know.


Todd: Oh really?


Yuri: Yeah.


Todd: So in Italy you said the food varies by region. What region has the simplest food does one think?


Yuri: Oh, that’s complicated because I’m from North Italy so i might say North Italy but it isn’t true because there’s tons of food from the South and that i just like it .


Todd: Oh, so it’s all good.


Yuri: Yeah.


Todd: Ok, well anyway, it had been nice talking with you Yuri.


Yuri: many thanks considerably .