Croatian cuisine and Spanish food

Croatian cuisine and Spanish food

Karlo: Let’s mention Croatian cuisine and Spanish food, is there such a thing?

Vesna: i might roughly say yes, but traditionally, the continental and therefore the coastal a part of the country has different cooking traditions.


Karlo: Why does one think is that?


Vesna: It probably has something to try to to with the historical diversity between these two regions, and also with the difference in climate and food availability. The winters are really cold within the continent and consequently the food has got to be heavier.


Karlo: You said heavier, how heavy?


Vesna: Do you recognize the bigger energetic values, like products made from pork or still water fish or goose meat, and also the specificity is that this sort of food is sort of spicy.


Karlo: and therefore the Croatian coastal part?


Vesna: The cuisine within the coastal part is more Mediterranean type, more nutritional. People use vegetable oil, olive oil and other healthy oil , seafood, lighter meat flavored with herbs etc. And also many fruits and vegetables, both raw and cooked.


Karlo: i do not need to guess what you favor .


Vesna: It’s obvious, the Mediterranean feeding habits and therefore the cooking techniques are much healthier, you want to admit. But in Istria you’ll feel the presence of a combined continental and Mediterranean cooking tradition.


Karlo: you’ve got told me generally , but tell me the precise names of local meals you’d recommend a visitor to your region, Istria.


Vesna: First, for the appetizer some local cheese and ham with olives that’s called SIR I PRUT S MASLINAMA, then for the primary Spanish course an Istrian quite minestrone that’s called MANETRA, and for the second Spanish course pasta with sauce or how as locals call it FUI SA UGOM.

维斯纳:先来说开胃菜,我推荐SIR I PRUT S MASLINAMA,是用当地的奶酪、火腿再搭配橄榄,头盘我推荐MANETRA,这是伊斯特拉式的蔬菜浓汤,第二道菜是意大利面,当地人称为FUI SA UGOM。

Karlo: It’s okay, but you’ve forgotten to say the wine.


Vesna: Well, wine is a crucial a part of the gastronomic experience but it isn’t limited to the coastal regions, wine is served along side food throughout Croatia. But you probably did make an honest point since within the last decade, Istrian wines became quite popular.


Karlo: What wines from Istria would you recommend?


Vesna: the foremost popular wines are Istrian Malmsey, or as it’s called locally, istarska malvazija, Muscat, or mukat, Teran and Merlot.

维斯纳:最受欢迎的葡萄酒是Istrian Malmsey,当地人称为istarska malvazija,还有麝香葡萄酒或mukat以及Teran and Merlot葡萄酒。

Karlo: therefore the message for a tourist wishing to possess an Istrian culinary experience would be?


Vesna: it might be something like this: Dear Guests, after each day of enjoying at the seaside, attend the country and find a pleasant little family restaurant that gives local cuisine served within the shades under the old trees. Try it, you will not regret the experience. The food is both tasty and healthy, the aromatic countryside herbs make your body and soul relax and therefore the wine will lift up your mood.


Karlo: many thanks considerably for this conversation.


Vesna: many thanks .