Cooking Meat Balls at Home with my family

Cooking Meat Balls at Home with my familyCome here. You do us a baba and we’re going to doquenelles.

你来吧 你做朗姆酒蛋糕 我们做肉丸子

So, this will be the… Hello, pet. Hello!

这将会是…你好 宝贝儿

This will be the posh way of serving your baba.


The posh way of serving a baba.

是的 奢华方式

Let’s not get this wrong.

非常奢华 不要做错了

Shall we have a little trail of red currants on the side?


Oh, look! Look at that!


Now that’s a quenelle. Yes!


Are you going to do yours now? No. You’re fired!

你准备做你那份了吗 不 你被炒鱿鱼了

So that’s kind of one way of a baba.


Now the other way,we’ll do the way my mam would do it. Go on, Dave, go on!

另一方面 我们要按照我们妈妈的方式做 再多加一点

You just pipe the cream in the middle, like that.

把奶油挤在中间 就像这样

And then you put a cherry on the top, like so.


My mother would be proud.


Rum babas.


What a day, and what a celebration of mums’ cooking.

多么美好的一天 多么盛大的庆祝活动

From China to Sri Lanka, Jersey to middle England, we’ve shared and collected hundreds ofrecipes.

从中国到斯里兰卡 泽西到中部英格兰 我们分享、收集了数百份食谱

But Kingy, that’s only part of what today is about.


I know, Dave. The smells that have been coming out of the mums’ kitchen tent have beensomething else.


And now we finally get the chance to taste what they’ve been slaving at all day.You’re right.


Bring on the banquet.


Grub’s up, everybody!

大伙们 饭好了


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