English Course – Collection of Introduction Phases in English

English Course - Introduction in English

[1]Good morning/ Good evening/Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I am Stone Lee.;[1]先生们,女士们, 早上好/晚上好。我是 李石头。
I come from Beijing, and I am currently a student at Beijing University.;我来自北京,现在是北京 大学的学生。
My favorite pastimes are reading, listening to music, and spending time with my friends.;我最喜欢的消遣是阅读, 听音乐,和朋友呆在 一块。
I am majoring in international business and psychology,;我主修国际商务和 心理学,
because psychology is useful in every field.;因为心理学在每个行业 里都很有用。
I hope to use my unique education to start my own company in the future.;我希望将来用我独特的 知识来开办我自己的 公司.
I will probably open a global consulting firm.;我可能会开一间国际性咨 询公司。
[2]I am really glad I could be with you today.;
I hope everyone has a wonderful time. Thank you.;我今天非常高兴和你在 一起。我希望大家都玩 的愉快。谢谢。
第二节 卖弄你的 英语和幽默感;
My name is Stone Breaker;我的名字是石头·粉碎者
[1]A very strict officer was talking to some new soldiers whom he had to train.;1]一个非常严格的官员 正在与他要培训的士兵 们谈话。
He had never seen them before, so he began, “My name is Stone,;[他从来没有见过他们, 所以他开始介绍自己: “我的名字是石头,
and I’m even harder than stone, so do what I tell you or there’ll be trouble.;而且我比石头还要坚硬。 所以照我说的做,否则 呢就是自找麻烦。
Don’t try any tricks with me, and then we’ll get on well with each other.;别跟我耍花招,这样我 们就会彼此相处融洽。
“Then he went to the soldiers one after another and asked them their names.;”然后他走到每个士兵 面前问他们的名字。
“Speak loudly so that everyone can hear you clearly,”he said,;”要大声说话,让每个 人都能听清楚,”他说,
“and don’t forget to call me’sir’.”;”还有,别忘了 叫我’长官’。”
[2]Each soldier told him his name until he came to the last one.;直到他走到最后一个士 兵时,之前的每个人都 已经向他报告了他们的 名字。
This man remaine silent, so Captain Stone shouted at him.;那个人仍然保持沉默, 所以石头将军对他大 声叫到:
“What’s your name, soldier?”;”士兵,你叫什么名字?”
[3]The soldier was very uncomfortable, but at last he replied;那个士兵感到非常别扭, 但他最后还是紧张地 答道:
“My name is Stone Breaker, sir.”;”长官,我的名字叫 石头·粉碎者。”
第三节 神奇的中文成语;
Chinese idioms are rich in history and deep in meaning.;

Foreigners are extremely interested in Chinese idioms;


because they reflect the culture and wisdom of China.;


The bilingual ability to explain Chinese idioms will not only prove;


your command of English, it will also impress, shock and stun, visitors!;


Your wisdom and knowledge will gain you respect and leave others speechless.;


Idioms are the biggest challenge in any language.;


A good command of Chinese idioms will help you a great deal in achieving;


a professional level of translation.;


Besides, if you can actually teach a foreigner to speak a few Chinese idioms;


she will be very grateful because you will make her stay more enjoyable.;


You can be sure your new foreign friend will try to impress others with;


her newly acquired Chinese idioms.;


But since Chinese is so difficult for foreigners to pronounce;


it will probably just be yi ta hu tu!(一塌糊涂);
乱七八糟 乱七八糟 形容事物杂乱;
At sixes and sevens/in disorder/in a mess/in confusion;
这几天乱七八糟的杂事 特别多。;
(A lot of crazy things have happened in the last couple of days.);
昨天晚会之后,家里乱 七八糟/一片狼藉。;
(Everything is at sixes and sevens in our house after last night’s party.);
一塌糊涂 一塌糊涂 What a disaster!;
书架多日没有整理了, 乱得一塌糊涂。;
(The bookshelf hasn’t been taken care of for several days and is a terrible mess.);
*我的生活一塌糊涂。 (My life is a disaster!);
A:晚会怎么样? (How was the party?) B:一塌糊涂。 (A complete mess.);
*三个秘书突然辞职后, 办公室一塌糊涂。;
(The office was in a complete mess after the three secretaries suddenly quit.);
画蛇添足 画蛇添足;
Draw a snake and add feet to it/overdo something, thereby spoiling it/;
ruin the effect by adding something superfluous/to over/;
reach the mark is just as bad as not reaching it/gild the lily/ fan the breezes;
These few words are sufficient to express what you want to say.;
Anything further would be overdoing it.;
画龙点睛 画龙点睛;
Bring a picture of a dragon to life by putting in the pupils of its eyes/;
put the finishing touches on sth./bring to life/put life into something/;
add the crucial touch to something/add a word or two to clinch the point;
*他给这幅画作了几笔最 后的润色。;
He gave the picture a few finishing touches.;
那幅画我几乎快完成了。 我只需*要画龙点睛。;
(I’m almost done with the painting. I just need to put on the finishing touches.);
第四节 形容词大战!;
Kiss-ass: to flatter someone to gain advantage and approval.;阿谀奉承;拍马屁; 溜须拍马
*That guy will kiss-ass his way to the top. 那个家伙将靠拍马屁往 上爬。;
*He is a little kiss-ass bastard who’ll do anything to get ahead.;
他那个小混蛋是个马 屁精,只要能往上爬, 他啥事都干。;
1 Cool: great; excellent; unusual;棒极了;泰然自若的; 沉着的;轻松的。
*What a cool guy!;(多酷的家伙啊!)
*This chick is so cool-no matter what happens.;(不管发生什么事,这 姑娘都十分老练沉着。)
*She is totally cool and easy-going.;(她十分轻松自在。)
2 Accommodating: eager to help or please; obliging;乐于助人的;亲切的。
*The tour guide was very accommodating when we asked to see a Beijing Hutong.;(当我们要求游览北京胡 同时,那个导游欣然 答应。)
3 Active: engaged in action or activity;活跃的;活泼的
*He is not as active as he was.;(他不像以往那样活跃。)
4 Admirable: praiseworthy; excellent;令人钦佩的;极好的
*She’s an admirable administrator.;(她是一个优秀的管理 人员。)
5 Adorable: very attractive; charming;迷人的;讨人喜欢的; 可爱的
*What an adorable child!;(多可爱的孩子。)
6 Amazing: overwhelming; surprising; astonishing;使人十分惊奇的; 令人惊讶的
*My mother is an amazing woman.;(我妈妈是一个了不起 的女人。)
7 Amusing: entertaining; attention-getting;有趣的
*He tried to be amusing, but I didn’t respond.;(他试图逗乐,可我一点 都没反应。)
8 Artistic: showing skill in how something is done;有美感的;有艺术才能的
*My brother is very artistic.;(我弟弟很有艺术天分。)
9 Attractive: providing pleasure or delight, especially in appearance;有魅力的;吸引人的
*Her dark eyes are very attractive.;(她的黑眼睛很迷人。)
10 Beautiful: excellent in appear ance; good-looking; attractive;美丽的;漂亮的;完美 的;出色的;很棒的
*She is beautiful and has beautiful personality.;(她长得漂亮,人也 很好。)
11 Big-hearted: generous; kind;胸怀宽大的;亲切的
*Our boss is very big-hearted.;(我们老板胸怀宽广。)
12 Brave: showing courage; unafraid of danger;勇敢的;无畏的
*Try to be a brave man!;(做一个勇敢的人。)
13 Bright: quick to learn; intelligent; smart;伶俐的;聪明的;机灵的
*He has a lot of bright ideas.;(他有很多好主意。)
14 Brilliant: having or showing great intelligence or talent;优秀的;才华横溢的
*I have taught a lot of brilliant students in my life.;(我一生教过很多出色 的学生。
15 Capable: having power and ability; competent;有能力的;能干的; 有才华的
*She is my most capable student/ employee.;她是我最出色的学生 /员工
16 Calm: free from worry; composed; collected;沉着的;冷静的
*He remained calm throughout the crisis.;(在整个危机过程中, 他一直保持冷静。)
17 Careful;小心的;谨慎的;仔细的
*He is a very careful typist.;(他是一个细心的打字 员。)
18 Caring: showing concern for others; compassionate;关心别人的;有同情 心的
*Kim is an extremely caring teacher.;(KIM是一个极其关心学 生的好老师。)
19 Charming: delightful; pleasing;有魅力的;迷人的; 快乐的
*She is a charming young lady.;(她是一个迷人的年轻 女士。
20 Cheerful: good spirited; happy;开朗的;快活的
*Li Yang is a cheerful teacher.;李阳是个开朗活泼的 老师。


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