Chinese reading practice – What is your plan for the future?

Chinese reading practice - What is your plan for the future
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Maria: So Alex, now we talked about what I would like to do in the future, what about you? Career wise, let’s start with that.


Alex: I actually have absolutely no idea what I want to do as a career. I know I want to do something interesting and I want to do something fun. I’ve certainly, I think that I as a person am most suited to a service style industry or a hospitality something like that where I would be, I’ve had sort of dalliances or ideas about cafes, cafe chains, certainly I’d always wanted to I think maybe rival Starbucks would be lovely. I looked at restaurants. Restaurants didn’t really appeal to me because you’ve got weird hours and when everyone is having fun you’re not. What else? For me it’s, I just like to be able to have something that was constantly enjoyable. I think, you know, what you said, dynamic you know.


Maria: Exactly.


Alex: You can have something that will be enjoyable and you can change it up every day and so on and so forth but as to what I specifically would do, I can’t put a name to it. I’m not the only one in my family. My father has a CV that’s four, sorry ten pages long. It’s ten pages long. He’s changed jobs I think twenty six times, twenty seven now, and he’s just so I don’t know. For me I’d like to travel but I’d certainly want to have a home base. I can’t go too far away from home.亚


Maria: When you say home, would it be your present home like Australia or would you…?


Alex: Yeah, I’ve got to say I’m an Aussie, true blue Aussie. I’ve got a love of the country. It’s my home. I have spent time overseas. I’ve lived a year and a half in Canada, a year and a half in Australia, a year and a half in Asia sorry it’s not a year and a half in Australia, a year and a half in America, so I’ve done a couple of other things and I’ve always come back and been why did I leave? What caused me to leave? So, yeah, I’m torn between doing things that are altruistic and selfish. Do I want to just work for me and get the money, the moolah, the cash, the green, or do I want to do something a bit more for everyone else and I don’t know it’s difficult to decide. How do I do both?


Maria: So the future is open?


Alex: It is open isn’t it?


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