Chinese Lesson – How Long Do you Usually Watch TV 你花多少时间看电视呢

Chinese Lesson - How Long Do you Usually Watch TV 你花多少时间看电视呢

Hanna: Hi, I’m Hanna from Australia.

Diego: I’m Diego from Mexico.


Hanna: And today we’re getting to be talking about what proportion TV does one watch? Diego what proportion TV does one watch?


Diego: i do not watch tons of TV any longer but once I was a child I wont to watch six hours each day , it had been ridiculous.


Hanna: Six hours a day? you want to have square eyes or something.


Diego: Yeah, I’m actually glad i do not wear glasses as of today, but yeah i might finish school then head home at around two, three, have lunch then i might watch TV for an extended time. i might do my homework within the middle of it or i might do my homework while watching TV then i might attend bed. So i feel for like four years I watched many TV. How about you?


Hanna: i do not really watch much TV. Maybe once I was twelve or thirteen in junior high school school I wont to watch a touch of TV but ever since then I wasn’t really curious about it. I watch tons of YouTube though which is kind of like TV but I find i do not like advertisements on TV and that i get bored sitting thru them and just explode and do something else.


Diego: Yeah, i feel the internet’s replacing TV. So i feel the question should be what proportion internet TV does one watch?


Hanna: Yeah, well I watch a touch little bit of that.