mandarin lesson hong kong 19-Chinese holidays

Mandarin Lesson


English Name

Chinese Name


Last day of lunar year

Chinese New Year Eve



1st day of 1st lunar month

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

新年(xīnnián), 農曆新年, 春節, 春节,大年初一

More fireworks after midnight, visit family members.

15th day of 1st lunar month

Lantern Festival


Lantern parade and lion dance celebrating the first full moon. Eating tangyuan. This day is also the last day of new year celebration.

2nd day of 2nd lunar month

Zhonghe Festival (Zhong He Jie), Blue Dragon Festival

中和節(zhōnghéjié)/中和节, 青龍節 (qinglong jie)//青龙节

Eat Chinese pancakes (Chun bing, 春餅) and noodles, clean the house. Also known as Dragon Raising its Head

3rd day of 3rd lunar month

Shangsi Festival (Shang Si Jie)

上巳節 (shàngsìjié)/上巳节,

Traditional Chinese Women’s Day, also known as 婦女節(fùnǚjié)

At the jie qi known as qing ming, solar longitude 15 degrees, 104 days after winter solstice (around April 5)

Qing Ming Jie (Tomb Sweeping Day)/Mourning Day / Ching Ming Festival


Visit, clean, and make offerings at ancestral gravesites, spring outing

5th day of 5th lunar month

Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival) / Tuen Ng Festival


Dragon boat race, eat dumplings wrapped in lotus leaves Zongzi. This festival commemorates the ancient poet Qu Yuan; drink yellow rice wine, related to the White Snake Lady legend

7th day of 7th lunar month

The Night of Sevens /Magpie Festival/ Qi Xi


According to legend, the goddess “Zhi Nü” (the star Vega) fell in love with the farmer boy “Niu Lang” (the star Altair), but was disapproved by the her mother goddess. As punishment, they were separated by the Milky Way and could only meet once a year on this night.

15th day of 7th lunar month

Spirit Festival (Ghost Festival)


Burn fake paper money and make offerings to ancestors and the dead to appease them, so they will not come and trouble the living.

15th day of 8th lunar month

Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival)


Eat mooncake, family union meal, related to the legend of Chang E

9th day of 9th lunar month

Double Ninth Festival /Dual-Yang Festival/ Chung Yeung Festival


Autumn outing and mountain climbing, some Chinese also visit the graves of their ancestors to pay their respects.

15th day of the 10th lunar month

Spirit Festival/ Water Lantern Festival

下元節 (xiayuanjie)/下元节

Set flower shaped lanterns adrift in a stream or river at sundown, give offerings to deceased whose wandering spirits/ghosts may return at night to visit.

21st or 22nd of December

Winter Solstice Festival/Mid-Winter Festival


Have Tangyuan and Jiuniang and perform ancestor worship, Feast day, family gatherings, also named “Chinese Thanksgiving”

8th day of 12th lunar month

Laba Festival/Congee Festival


This is the day the Buddha attained enlightenment. People usually eat Laba congee, which is made of mixed grains and fruits.