Car Models Protest Ban

Whenever motor shows are mentioned these days, scantily-clad models always seem to come up. Sometimes they even attract more attention than the cars on display. The Shanghai Auto Show is trying to have a different narrative this year, as models have been banned from the event.

To protest(抗议) the new policy, a bunch of models(一群模特) held boards that read “We want to survive!”(我们要生存), “All efforts to slim down have been in vain!”(瘦身的苦白吃了) in Shanghai streets, all the while dressing in “rags” and smearing “dirt” on their faces.

Although the auto show(车展) is coming to an end today, the controversy(争议) seems far from over(远没结束). The event’s organizing committee has come out and explained that the ban is in place so that visitors could focus more on the cars(更关注车).

Regardless of(不管) whether the protest will actually affect(影响) any future decisions, models have once again(再次) outshined cars at the auto show. The pictures of those models dressing as beggars have been widely circulated and discussed on Chinese social media.

重点词汇 Key Words:

抗议 kàng yì

  • v. 学生抗议大学宿舍过于拥挤。
    Students were protesting at overcrowding in the university hostels.
  • n. 老师们在校长办公室门前举行了一场静坐抗议
    Teachers staged a sit-down protest in front of the president’s office.

不管 bù guǎn (conj.)
no matter/ regardless of /in despite of

  • 不管他们多久露面一次,都永远那么受欢迎。
    No matter how often they turn up, their welcome never wears out.
  • 不管天气好坏,我都要去。
    I shall go regardless of the weather
  • 不管有什么困难,我们一定会胜利。
    We shall be victorious in despite of difficulties.

再次 zài cì  (adv.)
once more/a second time/once again/again

  • 很高兴再次见到您。
    Nice to see you again.
  • 我们沿着一条崎岖的山间小路再次出发。
    We set off once more, over a rough mountain track.