Cantonese Lesson – Learning Cantonese Grammar Hai2

Needless to say Cantonese is a difficult language, learning Cantonese is tough because the tone is hard to grasp perfectly, there are 6 tones in Cantonese, they included 3 flat tones, 2 up tones and 1 down tone, it is different from English or other European languages, which is difficult in tenses, grammar, but sounds seems easier. Learning English is not as learning Cantonese, you don’t need to focus on too much about tones.

The use of “hai2” in Cantonese

When you take Cantonese course, you will need to focus on using the hai2 in Cantonese when there is a location in the sentence, for example, if you want to say “I work at office”, you should say “ngoh5 hai2 gong1 si1 faan1 gong1”, so there is a hai2 before the location gong1 si1, In Cantonese, you will need to put hai before location, and the location word should be put before the verb, different from English, which you put action before location.