Cantonese Learning – Living in Hong Kong

Cantonese Learning - Living in Hong KongEnglish

A: Hi Michael, I have heard that you have moved to Tin Hau?

B: Yes, Cherry, I moved 3 months ago, the rent is cheaper in Tin Hau, for the same space, the price is 20% cheaper.

A: Nice, so you can save money for travelling.

B: Yes, I like Hong Kong a lot, but the only thing I dislike is the high housing price here.

A: I completely understand, living condition in Hong Kong is really not good. The average living space in Hong Kong is only 6.8 Square metres, compare to Beijing, which is 68 Square metres per person!

B: That’s so crazy! I heard that many people living in a cage house.

A: That is true and sad!


A: Neih hou a Michael, ting gong neih bun jo heui Tin Hau wo!

B: Haih a Cherry, Ngoh saam go yuet chihn bun jo, go douh di jo gam pehng di, yat yeung ge daaaih sai, ga chin pehng baak fan ji yih sahp.

A: Hou hou a, neih ho yih han chin heui leuih haahng la!

B: Haih, ngoh hou jung yi heung gong, bat gwo ngoh mh jung yi ni douh gam gwai ge jo gam.

A: Ngoh yuhn chun ming baahk, heung gong ge geui jyuh wan ging mh haih hou hou, meih go yahn ping gwan geui jyuh deih fong ji yauh luhk dim baat ping fong maaih, yih baak ging yauh luhk sahp baat ping fong maaih!

B: Ngoh teng gong hou do yahn jyuh hai tong fong.

A: Haih si sak laih ga, hou cam!

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