Cantonese learning – Hong Kong Food Paradise

Hong Kong is a great place for enjoying food from all over the world, but do you know how to order food in Cantonese? Here are some phrases you need to know before going to the restaurant. 

  1. Can I have the menu? = Mh Goi Bei Go Choi Paih Ngoh
  2. What dish is this? = Ni go haih me choi?
  3. Chinese food = Jung choi
  4. Spicy = La
  5. Salty = ham
  6. Chopstick = Faai Ji
  7. Can you use chopsticks? = Neih sik mh sik yung faai ji a?
  8. Spoon = chi gang
  9. Knife = Do
  10. Fork = cha
  11. Dumplings = Gau Ji
  12. Noodles = Mihn
  13. Bill = maaih dan
  14. Where can i pay? = Mh goi hai bin douh maih dan a?

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