Cantonese Grammar Classes in Hong Kong – How to compare in Chinese

Learning Cantonese is difficult task in Hong Kong, it takes long time and a lot of patience, Cantonese is not an easy language to learn, but the grammar in Chinese language is comparatively simple. 

How to make comparison in Chinese? It is very simple, the structure is:

Object 1 + Adjective + Gwo + Object 2, for example, Hong Kong is hotter than Beijing.

Heung Gong yiht gwo Baak Ging (yiht = Hot)

Another example: China is beginner than Japan.

Jung Gwok Daaih Gwo Yaht Bun (Daaih = Big)

When you want to say Hong Kong is even hotter. you will need to say: Heung Gong gaang daaih, or if you wan to say Beijing is even more expensive, you will need to say: Baak Ging Gaang Gwai.

So the last comparison is the superlative one, if you want to say This apple is the biggest, in Cantonese, it’s Ni Go Pihng Gwo Jeui Daaih. or if you want to say These pair of shoes are the most expensive ones, you will say Ni Deui Haaih Jeui Gwai.