Cantonese Beginner Lesson – How long have you been living in Hong Kong

How long have you been living in Hong Kong

A: Hi Michael, How long have you been living in Hong Kong?
B: I have been living in Hong Kong for almost 2 years.
A: How is your Cantonese now?
B: I can speak to the local about food, transport and weather, but I cannot talk about news, and I don’t understand the news.
A: Speaking English is so easy in Hong Kong, but why do you still want to learn Cantonese?
B: Learning Cantonese is good for learning the culture in Hong Kong, and also, I think it is a fun thing to do, I like bargaining with the local when I buy a thing.
A: That sounds wonderful.

A: neih hou Michael, neih hai heung gong jyuh jo gei noi la?
B: Ngoh jyuh jo cha mh do leung nihn la.
A: Neih yih ga ge gwong dung wah dim a?
B: Ngoh ho yih tuhng heung gong yahn gong sihk ge yeh, dahp che, tin hei, bat gwo ngoh mh ho yi gong san mahn, ngoh teng mh ming san mahn.
A: hai heung gong gong ying mahn gam gan dan, dim gai neih jung seung hohk gwong dung wah ge?
B: Hohk gwong dung wah deui liu gai heung gong mah faat yauh hou daaih bong joh, ngoh gok dak hou hou wan, ngoh jung yi maaih yeh ge sih hauh gong ga.
A: jan haih hou gau siu a!

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