Cantonese Beginner Lesson – Where are you living in Hong Kong?

Where are you living in Hong KongEnglish

A: Where are you living in Hong Kong, Michael?
B: I am now living at the Mid-Levels.
A: How long have you been living there?
B: It’s been 6 months since January.
A: Do you like that place?
B: Yes, it is very convenient, the only problem is that the rent is too high.
A: Yes, rent in Hong Kong is a big problem.
B: So will you find a cheaper place?
A: Yes, I think so, I am trying to see other places with cheaper rent.


A: Neih jyuh hai heung gong bin douh a, Michael?
B: Ngoh yih ga jyuh hai bun san.
A: Neih jyuh hai go douh gei noih la?
B: yauh yat yuet hoi chi yi ging lohk go yuet la.
A: Neih jung mh jung yi go go deih fong a?
B: Jung yi, go douh hou fong bihn, bat gwo jeui daaih mahn taih haih go douh jo gam taai gwai la!
A: Haih a, jo gam mahn taih hai heung gong haih yat go daaih mahn taih.
B: Gam neih wuih mh wuih bun heui pehng di ge deih fong ne?
A: Ngoh wuih sih ha wan gung si fuh gan pehng di ge deih fong.

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